One City

Global warming is a serious thing. There is much that needs to be done – so much, that it is hard to even know where to start. Everyday I learn about something new that needs to be fixed. Another crisis has erupted. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are being destroyed. And it is only just beginning. With the alarm bells blaring, it is easy to become immobilized by feelings of fear and powerlessness. Another response is to become desensitized, denying the importance or truth of information that is presented. I have and continue to use these coping mechanisms when I feel overwhelmed. But one of the few things that always works to cut through these moments of paralysis is humor. When something or someone makes me laugh, it breaks through the walls that have built up and it allows me to see things from new perspectives. Which is why I really appreciated seeing the trailer about YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip):

It really inspired me and made me able to laugh at all the crazy things we need to do to create change. It is good to find the humor in experimentation and the failures we may have on the way to figuring out the right path to take forward.

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