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Are you interested in Buddhist meditation and its link to psychology, therapy, healing arts, and a contemporary understanding of the mind? What might Carl Jung say about Buddhism or guided meditation? Would Pema Chodron and Freud get into a ballroom brawl, or be on the same team in conquering the forces of confusion? How do Buddhists deal with depression?  Drs. Miles Neale and Joesph Loizzo are starting what might be a groundbreaking series at the Interdependence Project tonight. If you want to listen along from wherever you are, visit the I.D. Project website for details on how to follow along.


I am very excited about the series. Again, it will not be included in our public podcast, but will only be available to those who sign up for the home-listen series.

I will be blogging some of the ideas that come up for the One City Blog, however, and Dr. Neale may also do so

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