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Nancy Reagan got shown some love today from President Obama after a perceived diss regarding the former first lady and a strange attempted joke about her affinity for séance.

I love sweet old ladies as much as the next polite late-generation-x guy, but it annoys me to no end how in the George W. Bush–and Post-Dubya–era we go out of our way to allow deification of Reagan on both sides of the political spectrum. Ronald Reagan was in every way oblivious to interdependence and an enemy to the poor. I don’t want to see Nancy snubbed, but I have no problem with snubbing her hubby’s legacy morning, noon, and night.

Why do we treat him with such dignity? I mean why do we remember him as
a great leader (obviously, all humans should be treated with dignity)?
I don’t know too much about Nancy’s legacy, but her husband does not
deserve the romanticized accolades he receives, from Obama and others.
I think the right-wing spin machine won another battle, the battle to
wrap an awful Reagan legacy in cotton candy. Sorry Nancy , you may be a
sweet lady, but you were married to a really harmful president, and
there’s no reason to pretend otherwise.

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