One City
January 1, 1970 Archives

As I look out my window and pray for a cessation of this rain, I am packing for a weekend of camping in upstate New York.  I am eagerly awaiting the smells of the woods, the wet grass, the burning […]

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson is Dead,  after going into cardiac arrest. Michael Jackson, like him or hate him, might be the biggest icon of Generation X. Ever. Everybody dies, even Michael Jackson dies. Death is real, it comes […]

Last summer I sat an introductory seven day retreat at Shambhala’s Karme Choling, in Vermont. After seven days of sitting and walking meditation, delicious food (much of the produce was grown in Karme Choling’s garden), and some of the nicest […]

Last night marked the commencement of the Interdependence Project’s Hardcore Dharma summer session.  We settled our balances, met our neighbor and talked about our intentions.  Ethan Nichtern, founder of the ID Project and general man about town, introduced the class […]