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Non-Dogmatic Spiritual Practice in the 21st Century_a.k.a_Jesus is My Studio Assistant

co-written by Nuala Clarke and Patrick Groneman (aka namenorg)

Nuala: I was walking down the Bowery and afriend told me that the next show at The New Museum was called Youngerthan Jesus.  Got it…younger than Jesus when he died at 33 years old. Then, beforegoing to see the show I had a dream… 3 women art professionals, inblack, are sitting behind adesk and there’s a crowd gathered. They tell us that in fact Jesus didnotdie at 33, he died at age 66. Iwoke up thoroughly amused at my subconscious.  (Nuala admits to being 38 years old at the time of publishing.)



Namenorg:  Does this mean the curators are making a direct comparison between these artists and Jesus?  Woah.  Didn’t Buddha live till like 80?  (Namenorg confesses to being 24 years old and very excited about this show.)

Some excerpts from twitter (namenorg)
and real life (Nuala)

namenorg Feeling obligatedto live tweet the generational show at the new museum…sleeping womanwas startling, cory arcangel doesn’t translate live



Nuala It’s not all about porn or bling.. It’s more about daily life filtered through a net of pixels and RGB.

namenorg Too much audiogoing on at once on the second floor of new museum, also whoever wrotethe artist bios is putting words in other’s mouths.
Nuala It’s noisy but it’s refreshing.
namenorg Ryan trecartin is wow on the 3rd floor
philpinto @namenorg good lookin’ man. I feel like I’m there, but I’m not!
Nuala Laughing at “go buy yourself something to think about” From Ryan Trecartin‘s video “K-Corea Inc.K”
namenorg @philpinto you’re here in spirit
namenorg Cyprien Gaillard‘s video of the demolition of a housing project in france is really beautiful.
Nuala Seems like the time for dogma is gone.
namenorg I lost my pen andcan only take notes on my cell phone : the third and fourth floors aremaking me think about consumerism & authenticity
Nuala the 4th floor is a relief. cooler, high ceiling and grids. I like grids. and Kirstin Bratschs oil paintings on paper, used as backdrops for performances.


kerstin bratch.jpg

escordato @namenorg I agree on trecartin & gailard they were the stars
namenorg Found my pen, it was behind my ear, noticed it while conversing with the gallery attendant in the white track suit.



namenorg@escordato yeah, some work is getting drowned out in the museum setting, liked cory arcangel’s piece better on second viewing.
namenorg Nuala just laughed when I told her that eastern europe is really hip.
Nuala Patrick really wants to have a party in here.
namenorg Matt keegan’s photo portraits of 22 year olds really capture the transition from youth to adulthood.
Having trouble locating where the feeling of delight is coming from…something to do with community
Nuala Overall it’s very playful, kinetic, personal, coherent.
namenorg Nuala is rolling a cigarette and we’re back on the bowery, talking about ego, marketing and personal spirituality


Shout out to occasional IDP attendee Faye Driscoll who had a really cool video/dance piece in the show. 

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Matt Jones

posted May 30, 2009 at 12:17 pm

Man oh man. Pat and I talked about this show after I went to an event for it and … jeez. I dunno. The thought after reading this and re-thinking the show is this: what do we lose when we let go of certain things? Could I let go of my criticality, the judgment that helps me decide what my work is about and where my focus is, which artists I align myself with and just get into this “feeling of delight” that the show inspires in Pat (and others I’m sure)? Upon seeing Younger Than Jesus I felt very alienated with the concerns of the artists (generalization) and plunged into a downward spiral of disassociation, disinterest … I feel the show is very juvenile, not so considered, about superficial things in superficial and easy ways. I wish I had more time to elaborate on this. I felt no love. I felt “let’s be silly OMG let’s be silly and just love life” well, man, there’s WORK to do!! Does that make sense? Christ this show was frustrating in a sort of “really, this is what’s going on right now? Who cares!?” sort of way.
After I set the world record for walking through a show I went back and investigated further. I played the Archangel game. I stared at the drugged sleeping woman in the bed, I tried to care about things other than the Josh Smith paintings. What am I missing?!? PLEASE HELP!!! Maybe I should just meet up with Pat and Nuala and talk some more shit about this with them. Maybe IDP can set up a group to go and visit this exhibition and talk about it afterwards. How’s that sound Ethan?

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Ken Elkind

posted May 31, 2009 at 5:25 pm

Meditating virtually with the rest of the global community, is now possible!! Uniting humanity to a common groove, “The One”, will be epiphanous. Just as been prophesized, our intelligence has evolved to allow all humans to be with The One!! exudes a pulse for all to “Be with”. Nothing to join or buy…. Just meditate, pray, sing, dance, drum….. somehow join your/our community!!
Groove On
Ken Elkind

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Patrick Groneman

posted May 31, 2009 at 7:32 pm

@ Matt Jones
Maybe these artists are addressing things that you’re not as interested in as I am? I appreciated the effort that went into making a lot of the work and I was really excited to see a balance between playfulness and seriousness. Cory Arcangel’s piece is directly working with a system of symbols that is meant to represent ALL OF VISUAL REALITY according to a computer system. Don’t forget what the “G” stands for in the “OMG” Altar, and how there is probably no weightier issue of discussion in human history. There was a very well documented Art Therapy experiment right next to Josh Smith’s paintings. I had a very insightful conversation with the security guard in the track suit as she expressed all of the expectations she felt were being put on her by being a walking piece of art. I feel like Ryan Trecartin’s videos highlight the ridiculously dark psychology behind the impersonal practice of buying and selling products and services to deal with deep emotional issues…and how art is one of those commodoties as well.
The wisdom expressed in these pieces of art to me are in the balance they strike between playfulness and seriousness. Can we approach the dynamics we encounter in life with a sense of humor and still rise to meet the work required?
Just some thoughts

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Matt Jones

posted May 31, 2009 at 9:06 pm

Oh I think that’s totally possible, Patty. For sure! Seriousness and playfulness, absolutely.
I really feel that the argument I have is the same as the one from our conversation at Doug’s b-day party. How much time are we supposed to spend looking at all of this stuff? Do I accept the lax relationship I have with the work in this show because I can’t dedicate the amount of time it would require to fully appreciate this work? Do I let go? How much letting go is necessary? Sometimes it seems to me that Enlightenment would be the ability to let go of it all, it’s all meaningless and not-meaningless equally! Do I WANT that? It threatens everything I’ve worked for, doesn’t it?
I find getting into these conversations so taxing that I stay out of it a lot of the time. Maybe the path of art detoured several times along the way and new paths were formed along those detours and I feel like I’m still on the main path and the detour paths are merely cursory distractions from the main point and perhaps that’s threatening to me … sigh.

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Patrick Groneman

posted June 1, 2009 at 1:06 pm

Nuala is out of town and can’t respond right now, but I’d love to hear what she would have to say to your response. The thought that you find some art threatening is really interesting (and probably really good!). I don’t know if art quite has a “main path”, maybe a “popular path” but I’d be curious to hear more!

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Matt Jones

posted June 3, 2009 at 7:52 am

Art’s main path. Hm … it is frustrating and wonderful how specialized things have become. It is also frustrating and wonderful how generalized things can be.

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Terrence Scott

posted June 14, 2010 at 8:25 am

If I had a quarter for each time I came here… Incredible article!

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