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Leonard Cohen live!

Sunday night my husband and I saw famed singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen perform at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

He’s what he looks like:

And here’s what he looked like from my seat:

Leonard Cohen.jpg


That show was fantastic! Well, that’s nice but what’s he doing here, on One City, the buddhist blog for everyone?

As we walked to Radio City, I said to my husband, “You know, Leonard Cohen is a buddhist.”
“Yup,” he replied. And then he gleefully said, “So I bet you think his songs are really un-Buddhist!” Hmmm. . . .

Not only is Leonard Cohen a buddhist, but he’s a pretty serious
one. In August 1996, he was ordained as a Zen Buddhist monk at the
Mount Baldy Zen Center. He’s a student of Sasaki Roshi, an amazing and
influential Rinzai Zen teacher, who recently celebrated his 102nd
birthday. Cohen spent most of the 1990s at Mount Baldy, with his own
head shaved bald, practicing as a monk. He later published a volume of
poetry drawn from his experiences during that time.


strikes many people about Cohen’s songwriting is its depth of feeling.
The emotional rawness of some of lyrics can be spectacular. Whether
he’s writing about lost love in “Chelsea Hotel No. 2″ or  exulting in
the soaring strains of the much covered “Hallelujah,” his music
expresses a wide emotional spectrum, from the depths to the heights.

As I talked to my husband, I tried to explain how buddhism doesn’t mean
becoming Spock-like or robot-like. And Cohen’s performance was probably
the best advocate, dispelling any lingering misconceptions that Zen, or
buddhism in general, equals an emotionless equanimity, a flat and
featureless terrain devoid of feeling.


I also heard Cohen is
currently touring because his business manager made off with all his
money. Life keeps happening, even when you’re Zen.

And here, for fellow fans, is a very complete set list, thanks to This Week in New York.

Leonard Cohen May 17th @ Radio City Music Hall
Dance Me to the End of Love (1984, VARIOUS POSITIONS)
The Future (1992, THE FUTURE)
Ain’t No Cure for Love (1988, I’M YOUR MAN)
Bird on the Wire (1969, SONGS FROM A ROOM)
Everybody Knows (1988, I’M YOUR MAN)
In My Secret Life (2001, TEN NEW SONGS)
Waiting for the Miracle (1992, THE FUTURE)
Anthem (1992, THE FUTURE)
Tower of Song (1988, I’M YOUR MAN)
Sisters of Mercy (1967, SONGS OF LEONARD COHEN)
Take This Waltz (1988, I’M YOUR MAN)
Boogie Street (1969, SONGS FROM A ROOM)
Hallelujah (1984, VARIOUS POSITIONS)
I’m Your Man (1988, I’M YOUR MAN)
A Thousand Kisses Deep (1969, SONGS FROM A ROOM)
Democracy (1992, THE FUTURE)
–1st Encore–
So Long, Marianne (1967, SONGS OF LEONARD COHEN)
First We Take Manhattan (1988, I’M YOUR MAN)
–2nd Encore–
Famous Blue Raincoat (1970, SONGS OF LOVE AND HATE)
If It Be Your Will (1984, VARIOUS POSITIONS)
Closing Time (1992, THE FUTURE)
–3rd Encore–
I Tried to Leave You (1974, NEW SKIN FOR THE OLD CEREMONY)
Whither Thou Goest (THE BOOK OF RUTH)

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posted May 19, 2009 at 4:53 pm

When the movie version of the novel is made, I already have visualized the precise storyboarded sequence where The Stranger Song is playing in the background. How’s that for projective fantasy?

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Kelley Lynch

posted May 19, 2009 at 6:00 pm

Ann Diamond’s Draft Article
Note: Kelley Lynch needs to make some factual corrections to this article. It is, however, a good solid version of events.
Thursday, July 3, 2008 Whatever Happened to Kelley Lynch?
A Case of Psychiatric Abuse Kelley Lynch is the woman accused in 2005 of skimming millions from singer Leonard Cohen’s retirement fund. I knew of her through friends of Leonard Cohen, and had heard her described in glowing terms as the agent who, single-handedly, saved Cohen’s career in the 1990s. In early May of this year, Lynch suddenly contacted me. She said she was mainly interested in my perceptions of Cohen as a former friend and next door neighbour in Montreal. At one time I also studied with his Zen Master in California, and had spent time with him on Hydra, Greece. Not having heard her side of the story (I doubt that anyone has, apart from a circle of her closest friends), I was curious. Over the next few weeks, she shared several documents pertaining to the case including an affidavit written by her older son, Rutger, which corroborates her story. The following account is based on what Lynch has sent me. It suggests she was the victim of a “coordinated kidnapping” carried out by the LAPD and Inglewood PD, which ended in her being taken to King-Drew Hospital, 40 miles from her home, where she was held overnight, chained to a chair, and given powerful drugs without permission or authorization. ****************************************************
Since 2005 when she became the object of media gossip, little if anything has been heard from Kelley Lynch. A single mother with two sons, Lynch was Leonard Cohen’s personal manager from approximately 1988 to 2004, and was known for her skill, hard work, and dedication. Until 2004, Kelley lived and worked in Los Angeles where she still has many friends and acquaintances in the entertainment world including Phil Spector and Oliver Stone. Her own account of the events that wrecked her career, varies widely from the media portrait of a reckless, delusional woman in the throes of a personal meltdown. The meltdown was real, however. By late December, 2005, Lynch had lost custody of one son and was homeless and living on the streets with her older son, Rutger, who witnessed the chain of bizarre events that had begun a year earlier. In 2004, Lynch owned a house in Brentwood, and still worked for Cohen, who owed her money for royalties and other services, but was increasingly involved with his new girlfriend, Anjani Thomas, ex-wife of Cohen’s attorney, Robert Kory. In retrospect, Lynch believes she was set up by Cohen’s lawyers and accountants to help cover up a tax situation which made the IRS “nervous.” In November 2004, Cohen’s attorney Kory told Lynch that a financial entity known as Traditional Holdings, LLC could be overturned by the IRS. Lynch, who had been selected as a partner on the entity, became uneasy and consulted a new accountant, who referred her to tax lawyers, who found irregularities in Cohen’s tax history, both in the US and Canada where he has residences. Rattled by what she was hearing that she was being dragged into criminal tax fraud — Lynch called the IRS in Washington and also contacted their website. An IRS collection agent advised her to call the Fraud Hotline, which she did. Told that any further action on her part might implicate her in fraud, Lynch refused to meet with Cohen or turn over the corporate books. At that stage, Cohen’s advisers began claiming that certain payments, distributions, or advances made to her were actually “over-payments.” Lynch says their accounting was incomplete and ignored her share of intellectual property, unpaid commissions and royalties, and share in Traditional Holdings, LLC. Apparently Lynch had also been issued K1 partnership tax documents and made a partner on another Cohen investment entity, LC Investments, LLC, without her permission or awareness. Lynch says an increasingly nervous and desperate Cohen was pressuring her to agree to mediation and told a friend of hers that Lynch was “the love of his life.” She and Cohen had had a brief affair in 1990, but Cohen now was offering her 50% of his “community property” as well as “palimony” through lawyer Robert Kory at a meeting attended by Lynch’s legal representatives and her accountant, Dale Burgess. To Lynch, none of this made sense at the time. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office received an anonymous tip informing them that Lynch was a friend of producer Phil Spector, whom Lynch maintains is innocent. Cohen, on the other hand, had given an interview in which he described a gun-waving Spector who threatened him during recording sessions in 1977. At around the same time he was offering her “millions”, Lynch says, Cohen was also circulating slanderous stories about her. She believes Cohen encouraged Los Angeles record producer Steve Lindsey, the father of her son Ray, to initiate a custody suit on May 25, 2005, the same day a 25-man SWAT team from the LAPD, acting on a bogus 911 call, suddenly cordoned off her street and surrounded her home in response to a “hostage taking.” Earlier that morning, Lynch says, her 12-year-old son Ray woke up not feeling well. She sent an email to his school informing them she was keeping him at home. When the boy’s father found out Ray was home he became agitated and abusive over the phone to Lynch. Lynch says she had young people who worked for her coming and going that day, and did not want Ray’s father coming to the house and attacking her, as he had in the past. She called her older son Rutger, who was visiting a friend nearby, and asked him to pick Ray up and take him down the hill where actress Cloris Leachman waited in her car. Leachman, a friend of Lindsey, took charge of Ray just as seven LAPD squad cars came speeding up Mandeville Canyon Road in the direction of Lynch’s house. With them was Ray’s father, Steve Lindsey. Lynch says she looked out the window and saw armed men on her lawn. Her son Rutger and his friends were telling police there was no hostage-taking, that they had spent the morning with Lynch, and that there must be some mistake. For reasons no one understands, LAPD/Inglewood PD decided to believe Steve Lindsey, who had left the scene. Police later gave varying explanations about what led up to the incident. West LAPD said they responded to a report that someone heard “shots fired.” But a company that oversees SWAT said Lynch would have to have a superior caliber weapon to warrant such a high risk entry. A member of the SWAT team claimed to have seen a note that Lynch’s sister had placed the call stating Lynch posed “a danger to herself and everyone around her.” Her sister denies this. Lynch stayed inside her house and called her former custody lawyer, Lee Kanon Alpert. She also called Leonard Cohen, assuming he had played a role in the events unfolding on her lawn. Lynch says she knew Steve Lindsey had also been meeting with Cohen and his attorney, and had recently told their son Ray that Lynch was “going to jail,” upsetting the boy. She says Cohen taped the phone call later used in his successful court case against her for which, Lynch says, she never received a summons. Lynch says, “Police were on my hillside and crouching under my kitchen window.” She says the standoff on her lawn continued for several more hours, disrupting the neighborhood. Members of Inglewood Police Department also participated in the operation. Eventually, she decided to go into the back yard. Seeing her son Rutger acting as a “human shield and hostage negotiator,” Lynch ventured out front with her Akita on leash and joked to the cops: “Who am I supposed to be holding hostage? My dog?” The police responded by telling her son they would only shoot Lynch and her dog if necessary. “That was when I dove into the pool.” SWAT team members searched her house. As they entered, Lynch’s African Grey parrot, Lou, called out: “I see dead people!” further alarming the nervous cops. Offering her a hand out of the pool, one officer said they were only there to help her and not to hurt her. “No one asked me if I was all right; no one questioned me about my well-being.” The Medical Examiners Office later wondered how the police had evaluated her. After stating they were not arresting her, they handcuffed Lynch, still in her bikini. On her way out the door, her son managed to hand her a brocade jacket. Although she lived near UCLA Medical Center, she was taken in a squad car to King-Drew Medical Center in Watts, 40 miles away and a three-hour drive in traffic. Known as one of America’s worst hospitals, King-Drew was recently closed down as a place where patients routinely die from neglect and medical errors. During the long ride through South Central Los Angeles, Lynch says she was questioned closely about her relationship with Phil Spector, who had been charged with first-degree murder of Lana Clarkson. In the car, Lynch voiced concern over what awaited her at the hospital but was told by a woman cop: “This will be good for you.” “I felt I was being kidnapped”. At Emergency, the admitting psychiatrist administered anti-psychotic drugs without authorization and left Lynch in the waiting area for hours, still in her bikini and brocade jacket, handcuffed to a chair. A nurse advised her she would be transferred but did not tell her where. Examining her file, the nurse noticed it listed her as 19 years old with wrong social security number, wrong date of birth, wrong religion, and her name misspelled
as “Kelly Lynch” Lynch thinks it was the same file she had seen, several months earlier, in the hands of the Special Investigator who came to question her about Spector. A second doctor told her to wait her turn to ensure no further harm would come to her, and assured her that nothing in the King Drew report could cause her to lose custody of her child. The following day, she was released after nearly 24 hours in the psych ward. Back home, Lynch learned that while she was being held at the hospital her younger son’s father, Steven Clark Lindsey, had filed for custody of her son Ray Charles Lindsey and obtained a restraining order denying her access to the boy. She says Lindsey attempted to convince doctors at King Drew that she was dangerous, in order to have her committed, She says Lindsey also threatened the psychiatrist who had her released. On that same day, Cohen’s attorney Robert Kory filed a Declaration in the custody matter, as did Betsy Superfon (a friend of Cohen, Kory and Lindsey who had befriended Lynch a few months earlier ). Superfon later told Lynch she didn’t realize what she was signing, and that Cohen had offered Lindsey money “or something else” to take Ray away from Lynch. Her older son alleges Lindsey offered him money to go to Leonard Cohen’s lawyer’s office and transfer or sign over Lynch’s house to Cohen or his attorney Robert Kory. Rutger refused and phoned his own father, who advised him to contact a lawyer. Two weeks later, in early June, as she drove down her street to buy dog food, a Mercedes sped out of a neighbouring driveway and rear-ended her car, Lynch was thrown forward, fracturing her nose against the steering well, and was knocked unconscious. Later, she says, as she drove back up the hill to her home, the same driver was standing in his driveway and called out: “We are watching you” as she passed. Seeing his injured, bleeding mother enter the house, her older son again phoned his father, who may have called 911. Accounts vary as whether the call referred to an incident of “domestic violence” or a “drug overdose.” Either way, police arrived at Lynch’s door for the second time in two weeks. Over the protests of her son, they entered while she was on the phone to a friend, Dr. Wendi Knaak who stayed on the phone talking with Rutger while police again handcuffed Lynch. This time they took her to UCLA hospital where her obvious head injuries were ignored. Instead, she was once again drugged and placed in the psychiatric unit where she remained for several days. Lynch and her advisors maintain these events were coordinated by Cohen, Kory and Lindsey, with the help of former LA District Attorney Ira Reiner in a well- orchestrated plan to traumatize and discredit her paving the way for media stories which accused her of skimming millions from Cohen’s retirement fund. In the summer of 2005, as Lynch was struggling to save her home and protect her child from a father her friends describe as “viciously anti-social” and “violent”, reports of Leonard Cohen’s financial troubles hit the press. They alleged the 70-something singer had been scammed by his personal manager, Kelley Lynch, who colluded with an advisor at the AGILE Group in Colorado to send him false financial statements while emptying his accounts of millions of dollars. Although listed as the owner of Traditional Holdings, the entity in question, Lynch says she never received any statements from the AGILE Group — who instead had been sending them to Cohen — having changed her mailing address to Cohen’s home in Los Angeles. She has since filed a complaint with the US Post Office for mail tampering. She insists Cohen sued her because she went to the IRS about his tax situation. She says he is not, and never was, “broke” and that missing funds went to buy homes for his son Adam Cohen and girlfriend, singer Anjani Thomas, ex-wife of Robert Kory. Noting Cohen is famous for his financial largesse and once gave Zen Master Sasaki Roshi $500,000 as a gift, Lynch also cites hefty payments to advisers, various transaction fees, personal taxes, and other monies which may have been sent offshore. While Cohen and Lindsey attempted to persuade others, including LA Superior Court, that she intended to flee to Tibet or another non-extradition country, Lynch was isolated and penniless and still in Los Angeles. Lynch was former personal secretary to the late Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a flamboyant Tibetan spiritual teacher who founded Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado in the 1970s, and died in 1987. She says various Tibetan lamas are praying for her safety. [Correction Lynch was a student of Trungpa Rinpoche; she helped raise his son, Gesar Mukpo, and believes may have led to some confusion on the part of the author] Journalists covering the story were either unable, or didn’t bother, to track Lynch down, and most reported Cohen’s statements as fact. The NY Times contacted Kelley for a quote which they never printed By July 2005, Lynch had lost her custody battle and Ray went to live with his father. On December 28, she and Rutger were evicted from the house in Brentwood, and ended up homeless in Santa Monica, which has no resources for the homeless. The Police Department gave her no help and, she claims, laughed when she brought in evidence that she was being stalked by a known serial killer while she camped on the beach. In 2006, Cohen was awarded a symbolic $9 million settlement in a civil suit against Lynch, who still does not have a lawyer representing her. Corporate books and other evidence of fraud appear to have been overlooked by Judge Ken Freeman in his judgment, Lynch says, although she admits she has not read the court documents and was never served a summons. At the time of the decision, she told reporters she lacked the money to make a phone call. That same year, her older son lost his fingers in an accident with a meat grinder while he was working at Whole Foods in Los Angeles and Lynch could not afford a bus ticket to visit him in hospital. Lynch heard through a journalist that Cohen later testified for the District Attorney’s office in a secret grand jury relating to the Phil Spector case with former District Attorney Ira Reiner acting as his lawyer. As D.A., Reiner presided over some high-profile cases including the “Night Stalker” serial killer and the McMartin Day Care scandal. Recently, on June 17, 2008, Cohen’s lawsuit against the Agile Group was thrown out of court for lack of evidence. In response the AGILE Group dropped its counter-suit accusing Cohen of defamation and fraud. AGILE still claims to be shocked that a singer of Leonard Cohen’s talent and stature would engage in false accusations against his own representatives. Lynch believes Cohen and AGILE colluded to defraud her. She continues to deny all allegations against her, and remains hopeful that Phil Spector’s lawyer, Bruce Cutler, will represent her in recouping damages to her livelihood and reputation. She now lives in another state and recently learned her younger son, 15, whom she has not seen since July 2005, stopped attending school last January. These days Cohen’s fans seem to have expended their rage at Kelley Lynch for driving their idol into bankruptcy. Some now say she unwittingly did them a service — by forcing him to go on tour for the first time in nearly two decades. At 74, singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen continues to ride a wave of sympathy, gathering wide support from the music world and even some British royalty. Unquestionably, his career and finances have benefited from news reports that he is too impoverished to retire. From his tower of song, Cohen has written: I smile when I’m angry I cheat and I lie I do what I have to do To get by And I’m always alone And my heart is like ice And it’s crowded and cold In my secret life (My Secret Life — Leonard Cohen) His many admirers need to listen closely.

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Elizabeth Moore

posted May 19, 2009 at 10:29 pm

I have attempted to E-Mail a copy of the excellent and humorous Leonard Cohen Live (at Radio City Music Hall) to my In-box without success. Can you help? My E-Mail address is shown above. I am seeking one copy only.Thank you and Bless You All

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Elizabeth Moore

posted May 19, 2009 at 10:32 pm

I don’t have a URl. Just an E-Mail address. Elizabeth Moore

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posted May 19, 2009 at 11:34 pm

Ah Leonard, you’ve written so many of my romances…so many of all of ours. Here’s to giving head on an unmade bed (among other sundry images).

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posted May 20, 2009 at 9:37 am

I’ll have to explore more LC. That is a big hole in my music knowledge.

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tommy lei

posted May 21, 2009 at 12:25 pm

New Images Posted : Leonard Cohen – Radio City
This guy is amazing!

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Kelley Lynch

posted November 14, 2009 at 3:06 pm

Actually – I think “The Future” should be playing although – as “My Secret Life” states Cohen’s heart is like ice. Perhaps people can come up with what should be playing when I force Cohen to prove that we were lovers. The man is a liar and he can never prove this. He also can never prove that I have sex with Oliver Stone (as he informed my young son’s father) but Oliver Stone can personally take the stand and testify to the fact that we never had sex.
An Open Letter From Phil Spector To A Good Friend.
Sunday July 26th
I had no voice the day I was sentenced in court on May 30th 2009 due to throat papalomas I had removed 3-days earlier on the 27th.of May. It left me with no voice. I was indeed very upset because when I was asked to address the court, I could not speak for I had no voice. What I wanted to say follows: Be it known that I, Phillip Spector had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the death of Lana Clarkson. And irrefutable science and five of the greatest, most famous forensic scientists all swore under oath that Ms. Clarkson died of a self inflicted gun shot wound, a suicide. They swore by irrefutable science. And while juries and judges lie and make mistakes, science and DNA do not. When their scientific findings and words were ignored is a mystery to me, and hopefully will not be ignored by the appellate court. And I shall return.
But let it also be known that there IS a murderer in the court room and it is NOT Phil Spector, it is Alan Jackson. During the trial he murdered the truth, ,he murdered the constitution, he murdered the law, and he murdered my reputation, and he should not go unpunished for his dastardly deeds. He used his five little “groupies” women, one of whom recently overdosed and died from drugs, and could not be here to testify to slander and lie about me, and victimize me so that he could get his conviction without any scientific proof whatsoever. That’s because he had none. He lied and cheated and double crossed that before along with his cohort Truc Doe whenever they got to it, yes my friends, HE is the real murderer. But, what goes around comes around. And the appellate court will see through his chicanery and smoke and mirrors, and false law and overturn my conviction, and then I will be back stronger than ever, a free man as I should be. Until then, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!
Steven, I would like this published verbatim from the beginning of this letter to the end. And tell Chris Paven to also put it on my website.
Thanks, Phillip

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Arturo Pack

posted June 14, 2010 at 8:25 am

Wow I’m actually the first comment to this great article!

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