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The official answer: One. Just one. I’ll explain. (If you’re wondering what Hardcore Dharma is, check out my introductory post).  Last night we concluded our discussion of the Eightfold Path by talking about the third sub-division of the path: samadhi, […]

From the desk of: MiniMoFo Re: volution Sitting on his cushion at 6:12AM, thoughts began flooding in.  “Need to call Barry”.  “Need to pay storage bill.” “Need to write post for IDP.”  “Should start running again.” Don’t attach; don’t push away; observe.  He started […]

It amazes me when I think about how interconnected mothers and daughters are and how we shape each other over generations. As I look at the path of my life, I realize that I would have never have gotten to […]

That Hope and Fear image that Ethan included in his last post was designed by IDP Teacher Juan-Carlos Castro to accompany his talk called “No Fear of Fear”, which addresses the fear of space and tactics of avoiding space. Lucky […]