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Our reading for Hardcore Dharma this week (Spectrum of Ecstasy by Ngakpa Chogyam and Khandro Dechen) included a phrase I quite liked- “pure appropriateness”. It is described as follows: We neither give too little, nor do we give too much; because […]

co-written by Nuala Clarke and Patrick Groneman (aka namenorg) Nuala: I was walking down the Bowery and afriend told me that the next show at The New Museum was called Youngerthan Jesus.  Got it…younger than Jesus when he died at 33 […]

Before Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment at age 35 he was a confused twenty and thirty-something looking to learn how to live a spiritual life. He had an overbearing dad, expectations for what he was supposed to do with his life, […]

Make that hundreds of thousands. The Global Humanitarian Forum released a comprehensive study saying that annually, 300,000 people die from global-warming-induced catastrophes. Climate Change also already direcly affects the lives of 325 million people (seems a low number to me) […]

This is New York-based artist Michelle Provenzano‘s take on the 5 Hindrances, our topic for this week’s Hardcore Dharma class.

    Hi Kate Moss! I hear you’re converting to Buddhism!  I’m not sure what “converting” means, but that’s cool.  Welcome.  I think your designs for Topshop are nice.  Maybe you could get Johnny Depp to come to some dharma […]

This week’s Hardcore Dharma class was pretty straightforward: You got yer 5 Hindrances and yer three methods of dealing with em’. Git er’ done!  For background on Hardcore Dharma check out my intro post and last week’s thoughts on the […]

I imagine it must have been a pretty steamy session  yesterday as the California Supreme Court all had to imagine graphic gay sexual positions (consciously or not)  as they decided whether people who engaged in those sexual positions were entitled […]

Is the global economy’s recession ending? Some leading economists, including the often skeptical nobel prize winner Paul Krugman, believe we might just be the start of a turnaround. So, are we also done with our greed detox? (from

At the Interdependence Project, we recently concluded our one month practice of reduced consumption! [pause for applause and cheering] It was a great month of activities, including pledging to reduce our use of disposable items, making and giving away reusable […]