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April 2009 Archives

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times Magazine today entitled Enlightenment Therapy chronicling a Zen Master’s  journey through psychoanalysis. It gets at an interesting dilemma- the way the experience of non-self can be used in the service of repression and avoidance.  The author, […]

The Activism wing of the ID Project went Fast and Furious Full Throttle this weekend during our Day of Practice in Action on Sunday.  There was some Furiously Fun Sewing, Petitioning and Street Theater going on.  This is the Full […]

What Hardcore Dharma discussed last week:* The 5 Skandhas. What they are: 1. Form 2. Feeling 3. Perceptions 4. Mental Formations and 5. Consciousness. What they mean: Forget sugar, spice, slugs or snails.  These aggregates, boys and girls, are what we are made of.  They’re […]

Jerry Kolber posting off schedule but this one made me think of the IDP immediately. Courtesy of blog ; can you imagine a US bank making this commercial? And no that is not Bea Arthur.

A line from the Thich Nhat Hanh reading for tonight about Right Action caught my eye: “Loneliness cannot be alleviated just by the coming together of two bodies, unless there is good communication, understanding, and loving kindness,” (The Heart of […]

Sunday’s day of Activism turned out to be an incredible experience, making new friends, seeing new faces at the IDP (shout out: Team Timberland!), making tons of amazing bags, doing hilarious street theater, and gathering signatures and handing out pledge […]

For my responsible consumption month pledge, I am not using any take-out beverages – soda, water, coffee, etc… I have found my reusable aluminum bottle to be one of the best purchases I have made so that I can have […]

This week on the IDP Podcast, Jessica Rasp leads a talk about “Studying Untruth” as it relates to Daniel Goleman’s idea of “Destructive Emotions”.  You can download a podcast of the talk here.  Get a full list of our podcasts […]

I like this map.