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This week’s podcast is a discussion led by Ethan on the theme of Pema Chodron’s Book “When Things Fall Apart”.   The talk was Recorded in New York City on March 23, 2009. You can download a podcast of the […]

Over the last few days the internet has allowed me to be in contact with people I probably would not otherwise have reached. I appreciate it! Here’s a rundown.

Most Scientists say yes. Check Here. What’s the use in thinking this way? Are we really screwed, or do human beings just love having an apocalypse complex? Maybe I should just take the day off and go swimming…

An Imagined Dialogue about Passover Characters: MOSES and EMILY (AKA Emily Herzlin) Please note: I am not schizophrenic, just a little bit eccentric. This is what happens when I let my inner dialogue play out. Or maybe I’ve just been […]