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purnasteinitz1 This week on the podcast is a great guest lecture by Purna Steinitz titled “Crushed by Love”.  Purna leads us through his process of “studying untruth” in our relationships and the practice of turning every poison on our path into medicine.
Purna Steinitz is the founder of the Trimurti community based in Bozeman, Montana and Freiburg, Germany, as well as HeartStream Education, a non-profit organization that works to transform the lives of women and men who are incarcerated. Purna offers a perspective about transformation that people from many different backgrounds and paths find immediately useful. For the past thirty-three years he has been a student of Lee Lozowick, a western teacher in the Baul tradition of Bengal, India.
The talk was recorded in NYC on March 16, 2009.   You can download Part 1 of the talk here, get a full list of podcasts here, or subscribe via iTunes.
Our Sit Down, Rise Up Guest Lecture Series is underwritten by the Trust for the Meditation Process.
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