One City
January 1, 1970 Archives

My sister was on spring break this week and in New York for a couple of days to hang out with her older brother and get a glimpse of my decadent, rococo-esque blogger’s lifestyle. We ate out, got fancy green […]

How to beat a dead horse. First, you must find a dead horse. Frequently these can be obtained at the end of horse races, or alternately by going out to pasture, where old horses are often put in later years. […]

The inhibitions that obscure our buddha nature develop because we use external points of reference to define and confirm our own self-identity. The problem with this is that reference points continually change. As we try to keep up with these […]

I’m getting married in June. I have therefore been doing a lot of stuff in regards to planning the wedding. However, when it comes down to it, the wedding is one day, and really what I should be preparing for […]