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I didn’t have time to write a post today, so I thought I’d share a video. I somewhat randomly ended up at a poetry reading Wednesday evening. Roger Bonair-Agard was one of the poets and I was completely captivated by […]

I’m in the throes of election withdrawal and exhibiting many of the classic symptoms, including: “Confusion, disorientation and agitation and other signs of severe autonomic instability (fever, tachycardia,hypertension).” Another, lesser-known consequence of election withdrawal is uncontrollable creative output. My doctors (two Austrians and […]

A friend recently brought this to my attention: recent studies are claiming that drinking your coffee from a styrofoam cup may actually be better for the environment than a reusable ceramic mug. Really? Styrofoam? What do you think of these […]

Ethan suggested I make everyone aware of a video I put together this weekend that is blowing up online – over 4,000 views in the first 24 hours. It’s seriously IDP influenced (and thanks to those of you who gave […]

There was a lot of excitement this past week in the Integral Activism/Back to the Sack community! We had a great time at the OneCity walk this past Saturday. Even though I walk around Manhattan and Brooklyn all the time, […]

I was planning to write something yesterday, but instead I had to give you this amazing special comment by Keith Olbermann. It’s the best I’ve ever seen him, and I can’t imagine how any loving person wouldn’t change their mind […]

I liked playing with blocks as a kid, building grand castles out of wooden shapes painted primary colors. I was also the Tetris Queen; I held the high score on my dad’s stone age computer until we got rid of […]

Ellen, I hope you’ll excuse the title. I couldn’t bring myself to title the post “Maxims with which you don’t agree.” Hey, it’s a blog, right? The last few years I’ve gotten fond of collecting aphorisms, particularly when they seem […]

While I am thrilled with Obama’s election, this week also saw some major hits to LGBTQ rights. Same-sex marriage was banned in California, Arizona and Florida and Arkansas passed a bill blocking the adoption or fostering of children by unmarried couples- […]

Bill Maher’s new movie about the perils of major world religions isn’t especially hopeful. But if you need a little break from all the good feelings of hope and change going around right now (or maybe just a break from […]