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Stillman Brown’s post last week about blogging got me thinking about media in general, and I wanted to write a post in conversation with it. The fact that I can do that alone says a lot about what so amazing […]

A few weeks ago, I freaked out…on a cat. Granted, the cat was being an asshole- yes, cats can be assholes, but my reaction caught me completely off guard. I experienced a sudden surge of anger and it obviously wasn’t […]

ARE WE ALWAYS MAKING BABIES? My Take On Interdependence. Saturday Guest Blog by Imprfectionist Not long ago, a friend of mine, a former girlfriend, sent me a birth announcement. She had recently delivered a baby girl, and I was on […]

This summer I resolved to save a little money by cooking meals at home instead of going out all the time. Breakfast was easy: Cheerios, soymilk, banana, done. But when it came time to shop for meals at the grocery […]

Stillman Brown is furrowing his brow in a literary manner. Candorville, a webcomic by Darrin Bell, says it perfectly. Have you followed the link? Honestly and truly? Good. In college I decided to be a writer, to just go for […]

cassmaster P muses… Leisure vs. Contemplation… Coupled vs. Alone… (Yes, I do realize the polarized nature of this post… please indulge me anyway) I went to Cape Cod for 10 days last week on a real, legitimate VACATION. My first […]

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…That’s right – this coming Sunday, August 24th, 2008 from 12 to 2pm, we will be having the one and only Integral Activism Meeting at the Lila Center. Come one, come all. There is an exciting agenda planned […]

I returned to my apartment in the middle of the day on a Friday. Upon strolling down the block I was greeted with a foul stench in the air – a mix of rotting newspapers and dust and orange rinds […]

This past Saturday afternoon I was out running in my neighborhood when I passed a New Orleans-style parade and wake. A jazz funeral, that is, something I can’t say I’ve ever seen in Brooklyn before. It quickly became clear to […]

There are two kinds of nostalgia narratives, or rather, two poles of possibility – and a wide spectrum in between – from which historical storytelling can work.