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I was hanging out with a friend recently and she saw David R. Loy’s book, Money, Sex, War, Karma, on my coffee table and picked it up and excitedly turned to the chapter on sex. She told me she HAD […]

by Lauren Bulfin “We’ve had an anonymous complaint,” began my supervisor Cesar sounding oddly hesitant for a man so bounding with aggression that he often throws office supplies at our heads for no reason. “The music is too loud. And […]

Stillman Brown is the seventh member of the band (after Nigel Godrich). I haven’t been taken with the beauty of a music video in a while (Zero 7 had a good one back in the day), but Radiohead’s “House of […]

A few readers of the One City blog brought up a great point last week in response to my post about organic food, one that I think merits discussion of its own: is “eating local” even more important that eating […]

For the last few years I have been producing reality television shows, an interesting crossroads of storytelling, documentary, and mockumentary. A key component of all of these shows is the interview.  Part confessional, part narrative device, partly real and partly […]

Cassie’s cute kid videos remind me of a random act of kindness I heard about a few weeks ago via the internet. A four-year-old girl who was heartbroken over the death of her dog wrote the following letter (with help […]

Hey everyone, These made me laugh, so I thought I would share them… Kids are cool. Love, cassmaster P

Let’s start of the post with some fun clips of the Day-long Arts Retreat on August 23rd, 2008:

This past Saturday the ID Project had its first ever day-long arts retreat. It was an event that I had been looking forward to for a while, so much so that I put off taking my assistant teacher certification exam […]

In 1996, when I was nineteen, Parliament-Funkadelic landed the mothership on the mall of the university campus where I lived, just outside of Washington, DC. It was a free show on a warm spring night, open to the general public, […]