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This video isn’t new, it’s from about a year ago, but in celebration of having successfully assembled all my new IKEA furniture (which is an adventure in patience and commitment and, well, splinters), I thought I’d post this. Mark Malkoff, a writer and filmmaker, lived in IKEA for a week and made a film about it. It’s pretty hysterical.

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Consumerism materialism attachment blah blah blah. I don’t know if he is making any deep statements about anything. Whatever. It’s just funny.

You can watch the rest of his IKEA videos here. I especially love the security guard reading him bedtime stories.

This guy also attempted to visit EVERY Starbucks in Manhattan in a 24 hour period. It turns out (at the time of his project) there were 171 of them. And HE DID IT!

Anyone else been to the IKEA in Red Hook, yet? I swear to God, I’m just going to buy real furniture next time…real furniture with real names…

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