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Sorry for the recent absence from the blogging world. I’m back and so should be all the other One City bloggers. I had a good memorial day weekend, went to the country with my Dad and his dog Leroy, who I sometimes refer to as the “Crackhead Muppet.”

Didn’t do much writing, but did a lot of reading, three books to be exact. Here are my short reviews:

No one belongs here more than you by Miranda July (stories)

I have to say that I keep for some reason wanting not to like Miranda July. She’s the performance artist, filmmaker, and writer who made the movie Me and You and Everyone We Know. Maybe it’s because she’s quirky. Maybe it’s because I’m quirky and don’t like the competition. If someone outquirks you it makes you feel like a glass of flat seltzer. But I liked her movie a lot and I liked this collection of short stories a lot. She’s disarming.

Deep Economy by Bill McKibben

This book is an engaging, well-reasoned, and well-researched work describing exactly what is horribly horribly wrong with privileging growth over sustainability in our economic worldview. McKibben has traveled all over the world and studied all kinds of fields, from agriculture to media. He presents a coherent worldview that is ultimately super-hopeful, if maybe just a bit too Vermonter-centric in his analysis. Not that I’d don’t love Vermont, but you know what I mean. One tangible outcome is that I am taking my usage of local foods up three notches this summer. This has previously been a somewhat neglected area in my Responsible Consumption practice. Union Square Green Market, I’m comin for you!

Nonviolence: The History of a Dangerous Idea by Mark Kurlansky

Only half-way through this one, but Cassie Mey recommended it as reading for IDP’s activism group meeting, and Cassie Mey herself comes highly recommended, so I picked it up. It traces nonviolence as an idea from the days of Jesus up through modern times. Super interesting so far.
So that’s what I did this weekend. Did you read or see anything of interest? I need a new book now.

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