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Last night was my first-ever reading in New York. Not as an audience member. As a reader. Up there in front of everyone, pouring out my lovesick writer heart. I’d read for friends in Jersey City once or twice, and […]

Hey all, Cassmaster is dealing with a friend’s illness and can’t post this week. She’ll be back next week. Please send good wishes. In the meantime, we thought we’d share this interview that just came out with ID Project founder […]

By Stillman Brown The world is going to shit. George Packer observes that “Religiosity-as opposed to religion-now completely infects our politics,” the earth isn’t being saved fast enough, and the Colts have no chance of winning the Super Bowl. Am […]

So before I get to the topic at hand, here are a couple of links. First, I got to speak to The American Prospect Magazine. The interview was with Courtney E. Martin, a very cool lady who I hope will […]

Saturday night I did what I do most of my Saturday nights: went to hear some music. Tonight was also the fifth of the those eight crazy nights of Hanukkah, and I wound up at a Matisyahu show, w/my husband […]

It’s not that I like to spy on people. And it’s not that I like to be a nuisance, either. But I want to meet the researcher who has a reserve shelf full of books with titles like Why Byron […]

By Stillman Brown Sometimes it happens that two works of art, perfectly innocuous on their own, come to my attention at the same time and spark like the copper teeth on jumper cables, red and black making a small electrical […]

I got the chance to see the documentary What Would Jesus Buy? this weekend, about Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping. It was great. Now, check out the article I wrote a little while ago. —— The Dharma […]