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Chaplains working at a Florida hospice for the terminally ill were told they would no longer allowed to say the word “God” to staff members. At about the same time several police chaplains lost their jobs for praying “in Jesus name” […]

Perhaps you remember Nevada high school valedictorian Brittany McComb, who last year delivered her commencement address to over 400 fellow students, families and staff. She had been warned by officials not to utter the name of Jesus in her speech. […]

The U.S, Supreme Court has ruled in favor of an Arizona school voucher program. Critics say it violates the Constitution by directing taxpayer funds to religious schools. So, what did the court actually approve? In a 5-4 ruling, justices expanded several long-standing precedents that citizens don’t […]

A small publisher that specializes in reprinting classics believes the U.S. Constitution should come with a warning. Since 2008, Wilder Publishing has published this caution in its version of America’s founding document: “This book is a product of its time and does […]