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    A familiar tactic is rearing its ugly head far too often these days.  Mockery aimed at stifling debate. “One of the cleverest tricks is demonizing perfectly reasonable actions and opinions,” writes conservative author Andrew Klavan. We’ve seen it […]

  Student baseball player Mike Milligan is embarrassed that Goshen College where he is pursuing a degree has banned playing the “Star-Spangled Banner” at athletic events. Why? Because the song is violent. Francis Scott Key was sitting in a British prison ship, worried […]

There wasn’t an empty seat or a dry eye in Medina Valley High School’s football stadium Saturday night as valedictorian Angela Hildenbrand humbly raised her eyes to heaven and thanked God. She had been barred from doing so by a federal judge. However, […]

Graduating high school senior Angela Hildrenbrand says she’s willing to go to jail if that’s what it takes to be allowed to thank Jesus as her Lord and Savior during her valedictorian speech this weekend. The Texas State Attorney General […]

A group of Catholic and Jewish parents is taking the Canadian province of Quebec to court to challenge a government ban on religious teachings at subsidized daycare centers. “The parents say a Quebec policy that prohibits religious instruction in government […]

A federal judge has told federal veterans officials that they have no business telling anybody how to pray – and must drop their ban on prayers that conclude “in Jesus’ name.” U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes told the director of […]