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The stray dog had been thrown away — found in a dumpster. But it recently saved its young owner’s life — and apparently has a special sense of when the child is going to suffer a seizure from a rare […]

One of the seven deadly sins is sloth. Laziness. Indolence. So, when is it not a terrible afront before God? When it’s one of the Almighty’s cutest creations:

If you’ve ever felt nobody is listening, nobody is paying any attention — no matter what you do, consider this dog. Obviously, the pooch loves playing fetch. All it needs is a human to throw the stick. And this guy […]

Oh, this poor pooch — having to listen to his human describe great tasting goodies. Almost as frustrating as the evening TV news.

Why can’t we all just get along? That was Rodney King’s plea in the wake of the Los Angeles riots several years ago. Taking up the challenge are Tarra and Bella. Tarra is a former circus elephant spending her final […]

Like something out of a Disney movie, here is a video of a wild deer that stepped into the gap when a male Canadian goose was killed — leaving its mate alone, a mama goose tending their nest full of unhatched […]

OK, this is just silly. But it’s kinda cool knowing that God apparently gave penguins the ability to giggle.