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Toward the end of his testimony before the British Parliament Tuesday, Australian news mogul Rupert Murdoch was the target of a pie-in-the-face prankster — who promptly had the tables turned on him by the News Corporation chairman’s wife, Wendi.

The dramatic scene unfolded inside the House of Commons hearing where Murdoch, who also owns Fox News Channel, and his son were testifying about the UK phone hacking scandal.

Toward the end of his appearance before lawmakers, a spectator announced on Twitter that he was about to do something more important than anything he’d ever done — or something like that. He then leaped up and tried to smack the media legend with a pie tin filled with shaving cream.

However, Wendi’s cat-like reflexes kicked in. She was on her feet in a second and creamed the assailant with his own pie — as you can see on this video:

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