On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

Teen mails Obama daily abortion letter;

Tom Behan


High school student Tom Behan has been writing to Barack Obama daily since the President took office, but it has been a while since he’s gotten any answer.


That doesn’t surprise him, since he’s not a fan of the Commander-in-Chief’s position on abortion. And that’s what the Cinicinnati-area high schooler writes about — daily in longhand.

He has penned a steady stream of daily correspondence to the White House defending the unborn. Although he says that he hasn’t received a response for about the last 500 letters, this hasn’t stopped the high school senior, who has vowed to write one letter every day, by hand, until the day Barack Obama steps out of the Oval Office.

When Obama won the November 2008 general election, “I was way too young to vote,” Behan told the Internet anti-abortion group 

Behan had just turned 15. However his beliefs about abortion were firm.


“It just angered me how people in general want to get rid of their children, and my sister was trying so hard and she couldn’t,” he said. She had suffered two miscarriages. “So it kind of fueled this passion that never stopped.”

In the very first letter, Behan inked his vow to keep writing until the end of the 44th presidency. The notes are shorter now, but Behan says that the first 300 or so each filled a sheet of paper front and back. Today the letters are approaching the 900 mark.

“Obviously I’ve got the president’s address stuck in my head now,” he says.

The responses, back when he used to get any, disappointed him, he says.

“The first ones that I got back were like, ‘Thank you for your support of the president and his inauguration’ and stuff. And I’m like, okay obviously he didn’t read it.”


He says he got about a half-dozen of those followed by a few general notes of appreciation, and then six or seven praising feedback on the “heart-wrenching issue” of abortion, before they stopped.

If he could get just one message across to President Obama, what would it be?

“I’d talk to him about how much pain abortion has caused, not only to the mother who often later regrets it, but also to other people watching,” Behan said. He also said he would mention that an estimated one third of his generation has been killed by abortion.

“That’s one third of human potential that has just been eradicated,” he said.

And that’s wrong, he says.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Luis Alvarez

    Very Good! I applaud this young man for his determination to keep contacting the Abortionist in Chief. That’s right. Just because he has never “performed” an abortion himself does not mean that he is not complicit in the murder of unborn Americans – (not just Obama but many others as well – Democrats and so called Republicans). This has been his record since he was senator from the now Socialist State of Illinois. I do pray for a change of heart in the President-if he legally is the president. Lets not forget the downward spiral of our nation regarding the issue of Marriage – designed by God Almighty as One Man and One Woman (by the way – that is till death separates them). NY has become the 6th State to “legalize” same-sex marriage. I put legalize in quotes because its not possible for something that violates the Natural Law (God given) to be legal. Pax et bonum to all!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Mordred08

    Every single day? That’s a little creepy.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment ce6


    One little problem with your plan to turn the US into a Christian theocracy:

    “Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,…”

    That little line above, written into our Constitution, that keeps your church from legislating from your Bible, is the same thing that keeps Shariah Law out as well.
    Think about that next time you want to trample on the wisdom of our founding fathers.

    • Rob Kerby, Senior Editor

      If you want to quote the phrase, keep going: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Driem

    yeah good job kid…
    there is nothing like deciding for the woman what is best for her…

    why don’t you run along and do something teens do

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cm

    He’s young to be so wrapped up in the business of abortion, a procedure that no matter how long he lives, how promiscuous he becomes, how lustfully caught up in the minute he becomes, he could NEVER choose to have one or not. I find it curious that so many of those that can never be in a position to make that horrible decision are so adamant and judgmental about those who can; MEN cannot have abortions, if you cannot ever make that decision because physically you’ll never carry a fetus for 9 months, and will not be stuck with the decisions involving feeding, rearing, educating, and providing health care for the next 20 yrs., then you cannot make the decision for one that is capable of such.
    Might it be more appropriate for him to be writing the President about using birth control, disease protection, and only having sex within the confines of marriage (as in your Bible), and then only when it’s between two CONSENTING adults? And don’t forget, the Bible does mention masturbation being a no-no. If all those Pro-life men had responsible sex and ONLY with wedded consenting adults, there’d be less opportunity for those “jezabels” to have abortions.
    If you can’t have one, you shouldn’t have a say in who can.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment j crilley

    Previous to President Obama was a president who held office for 8 years. I don’t recall any effort by him or his regime to repeal the abortion law. It is my opinion that changing the law would not eliminate abortion – changing the hearts of those choosing it would. Perhaps our efforts should be directed toward that goal?

  • http://Valuesandlife Dan

    EXCELLENT—–this is not about separation of state & church. People in government (elected reps and gov workers) must have VALUES. This has nothing to do with this separation. If reps. are not honest and moral and unselfish, then they can do what they want or desire. The great lack of any values of which B. Hussien has none is a disaster. The purpose of the constitution is about values and NOT any specific religious denomination.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment MomG

    Praise the Lord for this young man’s tenacity. He obviously GETS IT: that life is sacred, beginning at conception and ending at natural death. Life is a gift of the Creator, to be given and taken, at His Will. Don’t be discouraged by other people’s opinions of you; they don’t matter. May God bless you for your efforts.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Monk21

    It is amazing how people can justify murder and then think that because someone cannot go through a pregnancy they have no right to say murder is wrong?
    Since when did murder become only a religious question?

    God said, “I knew you before you were in your mothers womb” To me that sounds like a person.
    Keep those letters going to the white House.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Who are you to judge?

    So many people weigh in on the “rights” of the unborn…but forget about the female that is making that difficult decision. The vast majority of women that choose an abortion do so because they don’t have the support of family, friends, and/or the “man” that helped her into this situation. Everyone is so quick to condemn her, but let the guy off the hook. And besides making abortions illegal won’t stop them from happening, it will only turn back the clock to the days of “back alley” botches.

    You want to stop abortion? Stop denying that folks have sex outside of marriage, stop denying that kids have sex while still in their teens. Stop pretending that sex isn’t part of human nature.

    DO – educate our youth about sex…about the ramifications of a sexual relationship…the physical, mental and emotional impact of such a decision. Talk to them TRUTHFULLY about diseases, pregnancy, reputation, self esteem, and taking responsibility for themselves and their partner.

    DO – make it easier for people to obtain birth control. Not having it readily available isn’t going to stop someone from having sex…as evidenced by the number of abortions performed every year.

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