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A British law firm is using Twitter to offer free divorces. However, unhappy couples must act quickly to take advantage of the special offer, says London’s The Daily Mail newspaper.

And that has local church officials irritated.

“The free divorce offer is an attention-seeking stunt intended to attract business from elsewhere. Its tone seems at odds with the emotional cost that will always be involved. Divorce is generally a tragic thing that masks an awful lot of pain and does not need to be marketed and advertised,” said clergyman Martin Shepherd. “It should be a couple’s own decision made at their own pace. Saying ‘come on do it quickly as it’s free’ puts an awful lot of pressure on people at a sensitive time when they are hurting.”

Admittedly a publicity stunt, the offer by Firm Follett Stock Solicitors was defended by associate partner Rebecca Gurgul, who said the attorneys were just trying to help those in need. She said, “We don’t think marriage is insignificant, but a lot of people going through a divorce struggle with the cost of it all.”

She told the Mail that a number of couples had signed up for the special offer.

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