On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

So, what happens when Doomsday comes and goes … without a bang?


It’s certainly happened before. Faithful followers dress in white and stand atop hilltops, waiting to greet Jesus when He returns at the appointed time.

Of course the appointed time was not the one chosen by the Father, just some human prophet. And as midnight passes and Judgment Day has not occured … what happens?


Since the Rev. Harold Camping has already predicted unsuccessfully in the past — he was sure September 6, 1994 was the end not so long ago. When it came and went, he announced that he had missed key numerology hidden in the Book of Jeremiah.

What deep inner need is met by the hope of Jesus’ return?

So, this time he’ll probably just declare that his nationwide campaign was a success — he got people thinking about Jesus! And (drumroll please …) his numbers were off just a tad and, whaddya know, Judgment Day will actually occur on [here feel free to fill in some new date safely 20 years in the future].


It is our sincere hope that his followers will not follow the example of the Heaven’s Gate cult which in 1997 committed suicide together so their souls could ascend to a spaceship waiting in space, hidden in the tail of a comet.

CLICK HERE to read of failed Doomsday predictions in the past

Writing on the PsychCentral website, Summer Beretsky observes:
“There will be no rapture on Saturday, May 21st. And I can’t wait to see how Harold Camping reacts on Sunday when he’s still alive, on this Earth, and in this human body.”

She relates the story of three scientists who joined a doomsday cult (incognito, of course) to study its inner workings back in the 1950′s.


“The cult was led by two people: a college physician who was fascinated by UFO and mysticism, and a woman (the researchers’ pseudonym for her was Mrs. Keech) who claimed to be receiving messages from aliens called ‘The Guardians’ via automatic writing. The duo’s teachings, according to Cialdini, were ‘loosely linked to traditional Christian thought'”

— especially after one of the aliens revealed itself to Mrs. Keech that he was actually Jesus.

Many of the members were so committed to the cult and to this “end times” scenario that they quit their jobs, gave away their belongings, dropped out of school, and severed connections with non-believers. They The press was hard on them; the media mocked their beliefs.


“When it came time for the UFO to arrive,” writes Bretsky, “the three undercover scientists sat with the rest of the cult members waiting for the clock to strike midnight. Everyone sat around quietly with their coats on their laps. They waited. And waited.

“And then the clock struck midnight. And absolutely nothing happened.

No UFO had come to save them. No “rapture,” so to speak, before the impending flood. (No flood ever came, either.)”

A bit dismayed, the group then went through the following four stages, which the three scientists noted with great interest:

1. They examined the prediction again
2. The leaders “re-iterated their faith” to the group.
3. Everyone contemplated the predicament.
4. One of the leaders broke down & cried.


“It seemed as if the group were about to dissolve into embarrassed disbelievers,” writes Bretsky. “But that’s not at all what happened.”

Instead, Mrs. Keech received another alien transmission that in fact, their little group had spread so much light that God had saved the world from destruction!

The news media chortled its amusement. However, the little group happily went on their way, delighted that they had rescued humanity.

Will that be Camping’s announcement sometime in the next day or two? 

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Angela

    I can not Judge no one i can only pray for them and everyone have made mistakes, everyone of us is not prefect and God Almighty knows what we think how we think. I everyone be ready when his return for no one want to be left behind and having to go through worst suffering then it is on earth right now. See thy shall not Judge unless ye be Judge the same Judgment. See they need prayer as we do. We all need to search our hearts and ask the Lord to show us what is hindering us from being ready for all mighty God return.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment E.E

    People do need to stop trying to predict the future. No one knows the day or the hour when the Lord shall return for his people.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Cathy

    In response to Stephanie M.’s statement above – I “LIKE” what you said!:)

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Alice

    Most of the comments I’ve seen on here sounds as if your trying not only to convince others in the convictions of your beliefs. But yourself as well……………….No wonder I left Christianity behind…

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Webminotaur

    May 21st isn’t quite over yet, but it appears Harold Camping was wrong. Yet the work he and his followers did was not in vain. Think of the millions who found out about Jesus and that he was going to return for his own. Without Camping and his followers, most of these may never have heard this message. As Paul said about those who preach for profit: whether for profit or out of love, Jesus is still being preached. How many of you who were busy posting about how no one could predict the day or hour of Christ’s return used this publicity to spread the Gospel? Or were you too busy mocking Camping and his followers or calling Camping a false prophet (better look up how the Bible defines the false prophets)?

    The job of those who truly love God is not to say, “Ha, ha. I told you so.” Rather it is to pray for those who are disolutioned and feel lost; and to be there for those we may know or meet. Whether in season or out, be ready to Preach Jesus Christ. Use this as a most opportune outreach event. I think that is the way God sees it.

  • http://lockthemup robert byrd

    If someone yells fire in a crowded place when there is no fire ,they are arrested. The same should happen here. They panic everyone including the childeren and teenagers and mature adults. They should be arrested for creating a hazardous condition and creating public alarm Even the people who never believed I bet were still checking there watches at 540 pm. and were still alarmed. Put them all in jail!Or treat them as emotionally disturbed people, because they most certainly are. Question everyone who sold there homes and quit their jobs and dropped out of school and whatever else they did. Where do you go now. I quess GOD played a joke on you FOOLS!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment clara

    What does it matter? Who cares? What are we supposed to do about it? Just live each day to your very best, forgive yourself and others mistakes, and don’t worry about it.

  • http://MyConfusion ESTEBAN

    I fill sorry because of my confusion about the creation, of life itself, and I wonder as to why, if I am the creation of God, and God is also eternal life, then why I have to believe there will be an end.
    I am confuse, and some times I ask myself, if I will ever put and end to my own childrens, to my descendants, regardless of how different they were from me, regardless how deviated they where from happiness, and even with my human sins, my unholiness, just because of my love for then I could never put and end to a single soul.
    I have come to realize that life is more than flesh, that I sould be able to undersatnd that there is only one end to our material and tridimensional world, but that the kingdom of GOD offer to us eternal life, and that our spirit belongs to that kingdom.


    Lets reconsider our believes. Lets believe that love is our salvation, lets finish hatred and division among us, lets believe than the devil is part of our sins and not an entity, lets believe that there is not war between GOD and SATAN, because it can not be, because if I believe that GOD is king, then I also should believe that there is not need for an innesesary WAR.
    War only is part of a sinfull world and has not place in the kingdom of GOD, war is only man made.


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment David

    I’m just curious. Thinking out loud here. Suppose someone, or some group of people, such as terrorist extremists, China, Russian, Pakistan, Iran, etc., got their hands on a whole passel of nuclear bombs, and decided to blow up the entire planet, and told everyone the exact moment it was to happen, and then did it, and it happened exactly at the moment that they said it would? Then man WOULD know of the exact moment that the world would end, wouldn’t he? Would that be something that God had planned, or had expected to happen, since he supposedly knows all, past present and future? Whether he knew of it, or planned it, that way or not, isn’t even really relevant here. The point is that man can know exactly the moment that the world will end if he chooses to end it himself. So, you can’t really say, irrefutably, that “only the Father knows” when the end of the world will be, can you?

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment DR.J

    I believe John hit the nail squarely on the head!

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