On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

So, Stephen Hawking doesn’t expect to go to heaven?

Stephen Hawking, perhaps one of the world’s smartest living humans, has overstepped his field of expertise.

He’s the bestselling author of A Brief History of Time. He predicted that black holes should emit what today is regarded as “Hawking radiation.” His scientific accomplishments have included explaining the complexities of gravitational singularities within the framework of general relativity. He is pursuing a goal that evaded Albert Einstein – a unified theory, the “Theory of Everything.”


Now, Hawking has told England’s Guardian newspaper that “there is no heaven.” He makes the claim in the May 15, 2011 edition.

It is worth noting that Hawking has some deep biases on this subject. And let us not forget that Hawking’s been wrong before.

Stanford University physicist Leonard Susskind not so long ago disproved Hawking’s adamant contention that, when black holes disappear, they take along with them all information that ever existed inside them. On July 22, 2004, Hawking had to concede to hundreds of colleagues at the 17th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation in Dublin that Susskind was right.

And then there is Hawking’s embrace of string theory – certainly not accepted by everyone in his field.


Stephen Hawking

Nor should Hawking be taken so seriously on topics he knows nothing about, writes John Horgan in Scientific American magazine. He says Hawking is less a scientist and more a “cosmic, comic performance artist, who loves goofing on his fellow physicists and the rest of us.”

Horgan recalls how in 1980, the University of Cambridge named Hawking as the “Lucasian Professor of Mathematics,” an honor held three centuries earlier by Sir Isaac Newton.


“Many would have been cowed into caution by such an honor,” writes Horgan.

Not Hawking, who “slyly suggested that, given the ‘rapid rate of development’ of computers, they might soon become so smart that they ‘take over altogether’ in physics.

“So maybe the end is in sight for theoretical physicists,” Hawking said.

“This line was clearly intended as a poke in his colleagues’ ribs,” writes Horgan. Wouldn’t it be ironic if our mindless machines usurped our place as discoverers of Cosmic Truth? Hilarious!

“The famous last line of Hawking’s monumental bestseller A Brief History of Time was also a joke,” writes Horgan, “although many people didn’t get it at the time.


“’A final theory of physics,’ Hawking declared, ‘would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we should know the mind of God.’”

Hawking was pulling our leg, says Horgan. Deep inside the book, “Hawking showed his true colors,” as he discussed his dream of a unified theory.

“What place, then, for a creator?” Hawking asked. There is no place, he replied, “a final theory would eliminate the need for a God, a creator, a designer.”

Hawking and his first wife, Jane


“Hawking’s first wife, a devout Christian, knew what he was up to,” writes Horgan. “After she and Hawking divorced in the early 1990s, she revealed that one of the reasons was his scorn for religion.”

So, Hawking has now taken up theology – although he has no credentials in the subject, but instead biases so deep that they undermined his marriage.

Hawking made this week’s controversial comments apparently to promote the upcoming Google Zeitgeist meeting in London, where he will address the question: “Why are we here?” Again, he has no professional standing in the subject – just a deep bias and a predictable thesis.

In April, Pope Benedict XIV warned the faithful of the folly of thinking that technology could replace the Almighty. For this, the Pontiff was roundly criticized by those who said he should stick to religion.

It works both ways.

Stephen Hawking needs to stick to math and leave matters of faith to those who have the insight he sorely lacks, that personal experience of a loving, guiding, providing, protecting God.  

So, there is no heaven? Well … maybe not for you, Stephen.

  • http://HMMMMMMMMMMM John

    Well, I think Mr Stephen Hawking is a very Smart Man but when it comes to GOD he has forgotten why we all were put on this Earth, to make it a Better Place.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Regina

    Can Hawking then tell us where he hopes to go after his life here on earth. Does he hope to disappear to another planet or become one of a kind. Anyway, what is Hawking trying to insinuate by his “new discovery”? For those of us who believe in God and eternal life, let’s consider this theory as one of those bulwarks that the devil is trying to put on our way to destiny. Ignore it and move on.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment james mercado

    When stephen finally understands the theory of everything it will be in heaven where so many things will be revealed to all mankind. Let’s pray for stephen to get saved so he don’t miss out.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Daniel

    You’re really surprised that a reductionist scientist is claiming that there is no God, no Heaven or Afterlife of any kind ? I’m not trying to paint all scientists with a broad brush, but the very nature of their profession seems to be that they pretty much deny the supernatural completely.

    Again, this is a generalization, a sweeping one, but it would seem to apply to many contemporary scientists.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Sandy C.

    Poor Stephen! He is disconnected from his soul and the spiritual realm.I will pray for him!
    GOD bless you,Stephen!

  • http://I'veseenHEAVEN Rose Carelson

    I did giving birth to my last son I know that there is a heaven and that god does is their and so his his son just open up your heart and mind and you well see that I’m telling you the truth. also when my uncle that had been a christian for many many years did, I seen the angles come from heaven and took his spirt with to be with are heavenly father,and Jesus. so you are wrong may god have mercy on you soul….

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Brian

    I didn’t know we were here to make earth a better place:) I thought we were here to run a gauntlet of temptations and in a futile battle, give over earth to evil which was the plan before any of us were born. The fact is that science, and minds like Hawking, Einstein, and the like, have forged the way for life as we know it today. I’m not saying that God or heaven does not exist, I believe it does. But I’m tired of people thinking they haven’t been drinkin the ‘science coolaid’ their entire lives. If Hawking invented cold fusion for us and we had infinite goods/power to supply the world who would turn it down? Furthermore, who would say that God had a hand to play in it?

  • Shona McCarthy

    The reason it is folly to believe that science could ever undo faith in God is that God is the creator. We are only rearranging concepts that God was the cause of. Science documents and speculates, but it doesn’t invent.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Ken F

    I’ve been a fan of Stephen Hawking for many years, but his friend and sometime colleague Roger Penrose makes more sense to me. I know less about Roger except that his writings make more down to earth sense. Consider “The Large The Small and the Human Mind” Hawking takes a direct shot at this book in “The Grand Design”
    He also announces philosophy is dead, then goes ahead to commit philosophy (positivists should not make metaphysical statements) while making the Mother of all metaphysical statements “God is not necessary”
    Strangeness also makes it’s appearance is being able to talk about colliding of two independent membrane universes, possessing unique space and time frameworks within them without a mediating time-space framework between them.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment JR

    Before we considering condemning Mr Hawings let us remember the folks whom God chose to do His work throughout the Old Testament…..thieves,murderers and aldulterers…BUT, they were all called by God and became believers. Perhaps Mr Hawkings, by the nature of his disbelief, is causing people to find out more about God….reading the Holy Word and seeking it’s message …the message of eternal salvation. We should be praying for this lost soul …that God, through His sovereign Grace, would bring this man into the fold and that non believers around the globe will see this and believe, as well.
    God’s grace and Peace be yours in abundance.

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