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“I have gone through a scope of emotions this evening as I learned that Osama had been killed,” writes Debbie Lee, mother of Marc Lee, the first U.S. Navy SEAL killed in Iraq. 

Debbie and Marc Lee


“I received a text from a friend, ‘we have Osama.’ I told my son Kristofer to turn on the news. I listened as I heard that in fact Osama had been killed and that we had the body and had confirmed it was him.

“I screamed jubilant, joyous screams for justice.

“I began shaking and thought of my son Marc who bwillingly gave his life fighting the war on terror which was lead by despots like Osama Bin Laden and Sadaam Hussein.

“If it wouldn’t have been for Osama I would have my son. 

“I thanked God for giving us the victory and information which lead to the Navy SEAL’s successful mission of killing one of the world’s most vile, inhuman, deranged men.  He was America’s Most Wanted Terrorist. 

“My phone began ringing and texts and emails frantically began coming in.

Marc Lee

“O, how I wish Marc was here to celebrate this victory. Somehow I think maybe it wasn’t just human intelligence that brought this about, but somehow think Marc was invloved with Heavenly Intelligence that helped.

“Once again the tears flow as I realized how much I miss him.  Through the evening I have thought over and over about all of our braves warriors who gave their very last breath in this fight. We will never forget their sacrifice or their families who have given their very best to this country.

Thank you is not enough. 

‘I also think of every one of our men and women who served so sacrificially, courageously and faithfully in this war on terror.

“They volunteered to find the enemy that attacked us on 9-11 and bring them to justice for their, horrific, hateful, cowardly actions. To each one of you I say thank you for the sacrifices you have made defending me and my freedoms. You are my heroes! 

“To my Navy SEAL ‘adopted sons’ I say:

“Job well done. Momma Lee is so proud of you. As President Bush said you are ‘the elite of the elite.’  I am blessed to be part of the community and have your love and support. You never cease to amaze me.

“To the terrorists, we send a strong statement:

“We will hunt you, find you and bring you to justice as we did with Osama. Osama did not find his 72 virgins waiting but found his justice in Hell with another famous enemy of the one true God.

“We thank God for hearing our prayers and leading us to victory. May God continue to bless our brave warriors serving in the military and give us victory.

“May God bless our troops and once again bring us back to our knees to pray that our nation will once again be “One nation under God.'” 

“Celebrating with our Heroes!

“Debbie Lee”

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