On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

Harold Camping was wrong about the May 21 rapture … wow, why are we not surprised?

Harold Camping before May 21



You and I may not be all that surprised that discredited cult leader Harold Camping blew it again.

No, just as it did not on his previous “guaranteed” date —  September 6, 1994 — the world did not end Saturday.


May 21, 2011, came and went.

If you remember, the president of the Family Radio network, which is estimated to be worth $90-120 million, had “guaranteed” that at midnight Jerusalem time on May 21, Christians would meet Jesus in the sky, while earthquakes and other disasters would break out across the world. Then on October 21, the whole world would be destroyed.

“It has been a really tough weekend,” the 89-year-old Camping, while standing in his driveway, told the San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday afternoon before turning and walking back into his house. “I’m looking for answers.”

A camper proclaiming the Judgment Day message


So are his followers. And it is those tender believers that you and I should remember today. One hard lesson many Christians have learned is that leaders — religious, political or otherwise — invariably have feet of clay. If you or I take our eyes off of Jesus and put them on Harold Camping or any other human being, we set ourselves up for disappointment and disillusionment.

The bottom line is: Humans fail. God doesn’t.

One of the thousands of billboards


Retiree Robert Fitzpatrick knows all too well. At 6 p.m. on May 21, he was standing in the drizzling rain in New York City’s Times Square, surrounded by jeering tourists as the appointed hour came and went. The 60-year-old retiree had spent $140,000 — almost everything he had — on hundreds of billboards proclaiming the Armagedon that Camping had predicted.

Obviously shaken when it didn’t come, he told ABC News, “I can’t tell you what I feel right now,” he said. “Obviously, I haven’t understood it correctly because we’re still here.”

What did Jesus say about those who predict the day and time of His return?


Counselors from Calvary Bible Church in nearby Milpitas, California, spent Saturday afternoon in front of Campings’ Family Radio headquarters in Oakland, offering spiritual support to Camping’s dejected followers.

An unidentified follower with a flyer


“We are here to reach out to those people who might have bought the lie,” said one worker, who said the intent is to “embrace them and reach out to them.”

An International Business Times reporter got Camping to answer his door at his Alameda, California, home and got a brief statement. When asked about his silence since the prediction, Camping said he needed more time and wanted to think and recover.

25 times in the past when Judgment Day prophecies have proven bogus

What was it that Camping declared absolutely was going to happen May 21? Here is a replay of one of his more adamant declarations to the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph:



What should we expect from cult leaders such as Camping when their prophecies are proven false?

Not everybody is feeling to kindly toward Camping:

“Someone  has to say it,” writes Kim Riddlebarger on her Christian blog, “the man is a false teacher and a kook.  My sense is that Camping falls within the exhortation given by Paul in Romans 16:17 (and elsewhere) — such people are to be avoided.  Camping is a false teacher, plain and simple.  Anyone who repeatedly pulls the kinds of shenanigans he has should have no credibility. 


Why should we not be surprised that Camping’s prophecy was false?

“Non-Christians see him for what he is.  Yet, Christians feel ashamed about calling him out on the same grounds — when Scripture requires that we do so!  Yes, we need to pray for his repentance, and yes, we need to be merciful to those whom he has deceived.  But given the way the man handles God’s word, he is self-edvidently a kook.  He has no business being labeled a ‘teacher.’  And it is tragic that he has used his vast radio empire to deceive so many.”

So, why did we pay any attention to Camping? CLICK HERE

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Ramon Tecolt

    There are crazy people in the world.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Maine1

    These people are not crazy, they just allowed themselves to be misguided/mislead. It is the lack of knowledge concerning the Word of God is what caused these people to believe in a false teacher. It’s very important to know the Word for yourself, have a personal relationship with Jesus and continue to abide in His Word daily. As the bible tells us there will be angels of light proclaiming Jesus to be here and there, and that the very elect will be deceived. We are truly living in the end times and satan is trying every tactic he can to deceive believers and non-believers alike because he knows his time is short. It is important for those that are in Him to abide more in His Word and to tell people the truth according to His Word and not to add or take away from it.

  • air jordan

    Here you have wonderful ideas. I did a search on the subject, found that almost all people will agree with your blog. This is a showcaseof products and the audience to sleep fine line between

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Elaine Rowser

    According to Matthew 24:11
    many false prophets shall rise and deceive many. This is exactly what this man is. I am not judging him, that’s God’s job, however a tree is known by it’s fruit. Matthew 24:26 says wherefore if they shall say unto you, behold He is in the desert, go not forth, behold he is in the secret chamber: believe it not. Also Matthew 24:36 Says but of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but My father only. If in deed this man is a teacher called by God, he could not have missed this portion of scripture.

  • http://Socool Ray Young

    I dont get it. Even Jesus didnt know when the “end times” were going to happen. The world will end, as we know it but it wil come like a thief in the night.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Ana

    I feel truly sorry for Mr. Camping, who obviously did not read “the whole bible” as he told those who called in and questioned his reason for believing that he could set a date for the Lord’s return. The Jesus clearly stated that H, nor the Angles in Heaven knew that dayt, only God the Father knew. My heart felt sympathy and concern is for those followers who truly believed what he told them. I listen to his radio station daily, simply because they play such old hyumns that touch the soul, but as soon as he comes on I would change the station. One night, however, I listed to a part of his teaching and was appaled to hear him telling a lady who called in asking if she should pay her mortgage and another who asked if she should continue to save for her kids college fund and him telling them that the money should be used to further the Kingdom of God. Only God knows how many people blieved that teaching and now may have lost their homes. The bottom line is, people should read the Bible for themselves and not listen to what others tell them. We should all be like the Breveans who read the scriptures daily for understanding of the Word. For all those who followed Mr. Camping’s teaching and lost their fortunes, my heart goes out to you. God Bless!!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment StormeeATL

    Well I do feel sorry for and pray for these people, especially the ones who actually felt this in their heart and were duped by this possible false prophet, I do have a problem with the fact that there was an amount of arrogance in some of Camping’s followers as well. Some acted (and even stated) in interviews that they were the only enlightened ones and were actually sort of pompous about it, a couple going as far as condemning everyone who did not believe in the way they did, and saying everyone belonging to a church had to run from it. So all of us good Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, etc are all condemned according to some of these folks? Is that a Christian attitude for them to judge us? Yes, some did act like they were trying to “save” us but others seemed to be more arrogant about it. Along with Matthew 24:36, another verse it seems like these folks missed is Luke 18: 14 – “Those who exalt themselves will be humbled, while those who humble themselves will be exalted”

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Your Name

    Dear Dr. Camping: In case you read this email before leaving this world, I like you to know how I feel about you and your ministries. I know that you truly love your LORD Almighty and so you do the best for your fellow men & women help them to be with you in your next world to be. Too much of your study of your BIBLE I assume that blinded your spiritual eyes and you order your God to come according to your time and in your way. In fact, you are ordering your God to come on May 21, 2011. Too bad. You did one time before in ninety’s and failed and you did not learn your lesson. And again you are leading your flock into darkness. I can write so much about you and your service to the believers of God. But I believe that you will not read all of them. But one thing is sure, that my LORD will carry you through May 22, 2011, and God willing you will be there again with your family radio and again you will have your followers to finance your radio and if so please do kind to them and when you open your open forum, please do not switch off them and talk your way and listen to them also, for, they may have wisdom from above to teach you. You think that you consider the WHOLE BIBLE, you are not and you think that you are the BIBLE. You take what you want and use what you can and speak what you think is true. Brother, you have to go long way to learn about our BIBLE. You miss a lot even from the commandments of our LORD GOID ALMIGHTY. Please study and study again and again and get wisdom from above then you do not worry about time of His coming. Don’t ever condemn Sabbath.. I am sure you will be ready when He comes. Hope to see you there. Have a good day and the Love of our LORD ALMIGHTY be with you and give you peace

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jonathan N Gardiner

    God is not a man,that he should lie;neither the son of man,that he should repent:hath he said,and shall he not do it?or hath he spoken,and he not make it good?(Numbers.23:19.KJV).

    I trust that God will hear and forgive Harold Camping and his followers throughout the world when and should they Repent for calling Him a liar.And Harold Camping will help share his followers financial burdens with all the wealth he have or should he be call to see his maker/creator,before he do this; the government would do the right thing to those peoples he deceived.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment ML


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