On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

We’ve all watched in awe as an NFL placekicker attempts a 52-yard field goal to win the Super Bowl or a basketball defender desperately hurls the ball the length of the court to win the game. Well, here is a 270-foot goal kicked in a South American soccer match … by the goalkeeper. That’s a bit like a football center running a 90-yard touchdown or the batboy being subbed in to hit a grand slam.

It can happen, but it’s too impossible. Unless you believe in miracles.

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It happened in a second division match (that’s the equivalent of a Triple-A baseball farm team) in Paraguay. Colombian goalie Quinonez Wilson scores what may be a world record 83-meter goal. And notice as the young man looks heavenward in delight and points his index fingers to heaven — crediting the Creator who allowed him to accomplish the impossible.

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