On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

Jesus is not an illegal word

A professor at the University of California at Los Angeles last spring prohibited a graduating student from saying “I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” in her own graduation speech. Christina Popa says other students were permitted to have their speeches read aloud at a pre-graduation ceremony. Christina was told she would also be allowed, but only if she didn’t mention Jesus.

UCLA Biology Professor Dr. Pamela Hurley censored Christina’s proposed speech, saying: “UCLA is a public university where the doctrine of separation of church and state is observed.”


The professor proposed a censored version of Christina’s proposed speech, deleting any reference to Jesus Christ.

When Christina objected, Dr. Hurley threatened, “If you prefer, Christina, I can read none of what you wrote. I am very sorry that this is a problem for you.”

Former Navy chaplain Klingenschmitt understood all too well. His career ended when he refused to quit praying in Jesus’ name.

“I am not Christina’s personal spokesman, but I admire her courage,” he said. “Jesus is not an illegal word, and UCLA has no business censoring her speech, especially if they claim to celebrate ‘academic freedom.’

“Instead, Dr. Hurley has terribly misapplied her own twisted idea of the separation of church and state. As a Government school, UCLA has absolutely no right to prohibit Christina’s freedom of religious expression, and she’s earned the right to speak her own words at her own graduation.


“UCLA is crossing the line of separation, not Christina, and we pray UCLA will repent of their anti-Christian discrimination.”

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  • Perry Reid

    If I feel like using Jesus’s name, I’ll say it, nobody can keep me from it, if I feel like praying, I’ll pray, no one can keep me from it, some let people like the professor intimidate them, I worked at a maxium security prison once and was told to leave my religion outside the gate, I didn’t let that stop me from telling some of the guys about Jesus, I didn’t bost to the warden about it, but he knew how I stood, in school if kids want to pray, pray. Some say tey make the use of God or Jesus illegal, it becomes illegal when we let it become illegal.

  • http://Hatefulandintollerant Mattwm

    UCLA is not a place for freedom and does not represent America. Just look at the State it’s in, California. Califonication. They are evil mindless drones who create more evil mindless drones. They represent what evil liberal socialism really is. I would be ashamed to hold a degree from such a anti-American, anti-Freedom, university.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment ramona

    what is this country coming too! we are suppose to be the land of the free! home of the braves and freedom of speech! we do have the right to praise our lord the way we want too and there is nothing wrong to thank him for everyhting good or bad.these are values that should be with us always.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment terry harmon

    What if Jesus had this professor for a class on speech? What if the person of this little storey decided to slap a multi billion dollars lawsuit on not only the school and which would include this profeeor? Why can’t people just get over it? If folks on the various music awards show you get up thank GOD for their award and do not get told you can’t to this or we will turn off the microphone. This not only happens at schools other than colleges ,but high schools are also the list of no speech that includes Jesus’s name. People who fear that if we do include Jesus’s name they will be ok.I guess people are afraid of getting in trouble with the wroung tryannt. If doesn’t matter that’s in a school or court house or anyplace else people do not want to offend someone because you have faith Jesus Christ or Muslim god or buddah god or even no faith at all.I feel that if a school I can’t pray in Jesus’s name then that is a school I do not attend. UCLA depends on the funds that each student pays for the cost of attending that school. If the they have no students then the school will close down.Maybe schools like UCLA and others like them just close down and think about how they would handle this problem.Jesus told us that there would be days like this. I think when our founding fathers made this clause in our laws and rights would roll over in their graves over this thing about seperation of church and state.

    Folks remember this,Who makes up the government, the state, the church ? Answer is the people . People are taking this thing to far to the left or even the right . I think think people are are afraid of the unkown. AS the statement reads that the federal government shall not tell the people what church they can attend. . This was written because a tryant for a king of England that he told the people you will go my church or one would be in deep trouble. o our ancestors decided to put in this plug for the government could not tell what church to attend. Now look at what the scared cats are doing. I ask this question what is the faith of people who say we can’t say in Jesus’s name have If any.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Janell

    I AM amazed how we are to except anything unkind cruel illigal immoral indecent..we are expected to except anything anyone wants to do or say….we are expected to except this….I am amazed and ashamed of our human race as being so selfish ,inconsiderated bunch of people…. As long as we dont publish the 10 commandments…dont pray in public…Dont praise our God…Dont accknowledge there is a God…… the major public will except us…. I am sorry but I say POOH!!! Jesus Christ is Lord..whether some people rather denie him or not.Every knee shall bend and every tongue shall confess JESUS CHRIST IS LORD…TO GOD BE THE GLORY….

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Joselyn Williams

    I don’t know what this Country is coming to. They (Politicians)have banned the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE from being spoke in the class room. I remember when I was in grade school every day before we started the day we said the pledge, then they wanted it out because it had GOD in it . Almost every time I heard about not being able saying MERRY CHRISTMAS, or the 10 COMMANDMENTS being taking off public properties it really irritate me. I really wonder what this country is coming to. So don’t be surprised what else these individuals will come up with next. IT’S JUST WRONG!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Teri Alexander

    I hope when people are writing their comments that they proof read their comments. If I was that student I would of told her (the so called professor) that freedom of speech does protect the media and it also protects me.That is the problem with most of these “left winged,anti-God morons.” They stamp their feet to have all the rights in the world pertaining to gays, criminals(death penalty)and their anti-God campaigns held around the world.It just all comes down to sin.Or, as they explain it, Negative vibes.If these people do not realize soon who JESUS is and his place in the past,present and future they will end up in the only place described as a place of torment,misery;despair and hopelessness.I do not wish this on anyone.I bet if this young lady has said “I wish to thank budda,allah,or whoever this would of been accepted.I hope that Christina stands her ground as she has every right to do.Even if it is not accepted by ucla.I just lost respect for this institution of “higher learning.”

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Rodger D

    This is just one resion I got out of school at a early age and I just learned from the Bible on my own with Jesus Christ an God and Me yelp thats right.
    I might not be or sound very smart but I really don’t need to be Jesus will take care of Me (He He) all things are posable with God.
    I know its real I’m 51 years old now have had any and every thing I wanted and could have more. But I don’t want it any more I just want My Lord to come and take me Home.
    I know it sound selfish but it not you really just proved it when you tell me thay want Him to be illegal and that makes God illegal also.
    And by the way all of them is breaken the Law then in government because thay all say God Bless America so then that would be illegal if what you say is true. And thay are more wrong then She is because thay did not alowl Her to and thay do it all the time.
    There bluffing you do you want to know why I say that ok.
    separation of church and state was formed so that government or Stste could not put themselfs at Gods level.
    He is above Man and thats the Dudys of the Church not the State or government and that thay have no power over the Church.
    The People have the freedom of both Church and State and under the Free speech Law She could say anything she wants with out being controled by the Church or State and or government,
    Because a School is funded by the State is irrelevant to Free speech that is a fact. But the same aply’s to the Church Funded School. The State and or government dudy’s is Law and Order not freedom of speech.
    For them to say you can’t because of it being a religious statment is irrelevant when it comes to Freedom of Speech. That not Praying thats making a comment.
    Now if I am wrong please tell me so I can understand! And I’m sorry if my spelling is wrong or bad I think you can understand what I’m saying.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Rodger D

    Bradford Rosenquist, D. D.
    I salute you I really like your comment you got guts and its nice to see.
    The government has no control over Each US citizen and there guaranteed freedom of religious practice that is protected by the constitution from the State and or government.
    States can not sponsore religious practice and thay can not stop religious practice that why there is separation of church and state.
    That is the Law and thats why it writen in the constitution. Freedom of speech is for each citizen thats not a practice that a Right.
    The State and or government has took on the Churchs roll on there own and the Church can stop it by faith and Gods Mighty Hand. There is to much to put in such a short comment here is just one.
    #1 State and or government has no right to say if a Child can or can not be born.
    The Church can not stop a hypocrtits from causeing a Child not to be born sad yes but its true.
    That judgment is up to God not the Church but if that Child is born and a hypocrtits kills it then it merder State and or government can enforce Law an Order.
    I must say if that Child is not separat from its Mother its not born it must have life on it own the breath of life I know I sound terable. But any thing less is just a Womans flash.
    I say again that judgment is up to God not the Church and the Father should care for it if its born or not because it His Wife untell its born.
    I say again that judgment is up to God not the Church. The Church is to teach our selfs Gods ways and knowlegde of Gods righteousness following the Lord Jesus Chirst in Faith Truth and Mercy To God as He has commanded us the Ten Commandments God Laws in God We trust judgment is up to God not the Church.
    The States and or governments have there own judgments as do each citizen of this Country and the World and judgment will be upon them from God judg not less you be judged thay bring judgment on themselfs I be going Home soon.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment David Hansen

    Every Christian must vote and express their opinions to their elected officials. UCLA is just one of many examples of Anti-Christian behavior that occurs in the United States.

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