On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

Are we headed for a God-free society?

Chaplains working at a Florida hospice for the terminally ill were told they would no longer allowed to say the word “God” to staff members.

At about the same time several police chaplains lost their jobs for praying “in Jesus name” in Virginia. The Virginia Senate’s Justice Committee voted along party lines to kill a bill which would have restored the rights of Virginia State Police chaplains to pray publicly “in Jesus’ name.”


These developments about a year ago delighted humanist Greg Epstein who said he is building “a God-free model of community” that he hopes helps humanists increase in numbers and influence. Epstein says an increasing number of people have no religion, an apparent reference to the latest American Religious Identification Survey which claims 15 percent of respondents in 2008 said they had no religion, nearly twice the number of 1990.

“There is a broader acceptance of those with no faith, as indicated by President Barack Obama’s mention of non-believers in his inaugural address,” Epstein told reporters. “There are so many millions of people out there who basically share our views, that we’ve got room for everybody. What we’re doing here at Harvard University has got to grow even more.”


Clergy who open the Indiana House of Representatives in prayer have been forbidden to pray in Jesus’ name, according to the Indianapolis Star. Judge David Hamilton has required “any person chosen to give the invocation be instructed it must not advance any one faith or be used in bid to convert listeners.” Judge Hamilton’s ruling included the prohibition of invokers praying in Jesus’ name.

Does prohibiting Christians from praying in Jesus’ name violate the “free exercise” clause of the Constitution of the United States?

The Constitution prohibits any law that blocks the “free exercise” of religion, however, increasingly Christians are told that prayers must be generic and inoffensive to citizens with differing religious or secular views.


Forbidding Christians to pray in Jesus’ name violates our guarantees of free speech in the Bill of Rights.

Prohibiting Christians from praying in Jesus’ name also violates the authority of Almighty God. The reason we pray in Jesus’ name is because the Word of God instructs us to do so. If we do not pray in Jesus’ name, we ignore the very Word of God that we believe and teach.

In the early church, the apostles were commanded not to teach in that “name” (Acts 5:27, 28). To which they responded, “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

Praying in the name of Jesus is prevalent throughout the New Testament. Wonderful works were done in His name (Acts 3:6). Eternal salvation comes through His name (Acts 4:12).


Men have access to the very throne of God and receive promises of answered prayer through His name (John 14:13, 14; 15:16; 16:23, 24).

Therefore to deny Christian ministers the right to pray in Jesus’ name is to cause them to disobey the teachings of God’s Word.

The apostle Peter gave encouragement to believers facing similar persecution in his day. He writes, “If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified” (1 Peter 4:14).

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Bradley

    Just another sign of the end times. The Bible states that there will be a great falling away from the Faith. The Christian is now being persecuted and it will just get worse as time goes by. To the point of Proclaiming Jesus as the Son of God getting you killed. We must stand up for our Faith nevertheless. We shall not fear this world
    but put our Faith in Him who gave His life for us. The time is now my Christian Brothers and Sisters to be ready for this. Our government is surely becoming godless. Why do you think we are in this economic mess. The one world government (New World Order) is what they want. Complete control of the World is their agenda. It
    has all been prophesied in the Bible. I am not an expert but I know it is true. Rejoice all Christians that He is coming soon. Keep each of your House in order. Be ready for whatever comes your way in Faith. May God be with all of you. In the Name of Christ I pray for all of you.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment caz

    A few years ago I was trapped in a world of drugs, infidelity you name it….I had a visit from archangel MIchael….did I know much about him…almost nothing….Jesus pulled me through a rough time…my soul was dying which now I see as a worse death than a physical one….I witnessed devine intervention…something a native new yorker laughed at for many years before that….how to we ban together to protect our right to pray in the name of JESUS…are we going to allow jesus to be crucified…spiritualy…again….you list all of these web sights to find out more of what is going wrong…who is working on protesting this situation? let’s move forward and do something about this.

  • Michael Allen

    This article is obviously written to Christians and for Christians. What Peter says is that Christians will be persecuted for being bold and proclaiming Christ’s name. But, to do it anyway and be happy. The rewards in heaven are greater than any on earth.

    I just don’t think this article speaks to the non-believer very well. The Constitution says that Congress shall make no law for or against religion, paraphrasing. The non-believer sees a person in his daily work, most of these examples are in government work, and they see that Christianity is being introduced in where no other religion is allowed. They see that as the government choosing Christianity and they are not allowed to do that.

    So in order to reach those non-believers, you would have to make your arguments based on secular reasoning. Scripture will not reach them, but sound logical arguments will. Why should the clergy of the Indiana House of Representatives be allowed to pray in Jesus name? Answer that without referring to the Bible and you just might be able to win some non-believers. The answer is that Congress is not allowed to make any law that opposes a religion. They are not allowed to keep a person from practicing their religion. We shouldn’t be trying to create a world that is void of religion, but one that is tolerant of them.

    When a non-believer hears scripture, they turn you off immediately. But when you press your points using the same rules of engagement as they, you’ll get your point across.

    What I find most hysterical is the article asks if we are headed for a God-free society. It’s historical that this has been the battle since the beginning of our recollection. In Genesis, before the Tower of Babel. And again, before the flood. Then, you have Exodus with God’s own people turning against him and then turning toward him in times of need. Moses couldn’t even be up on a mountain talking to God before the people down below were creating idols to worship. They had forgotten God that fast.

    This is nothing new. But, it is one of the main elements that will bring about the tribulation. So, it makes no sense to try to harness the world and control the direction it’s going. Just grab at least one person on your right or your left and try to change their life forever.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Lee

    @Michael Allen: Great response! Yay!!

    You’re right on everything. You are an inspiration to the readers. If you can recommend a better site, please mention it in your next post.

    TBH, I found the old truly inspirational. It (and our suburban Chicago religious columnist) helped me to get through the results of a hit-and-run. It is surprising how eloquently and memorably some of those (former?) sources wrote. They shall forever
    comfort me.

    It’s great that you made a big deposit to my Hope Bank. “Just grab at least one person…”. Thank you, Mr. Allen, good idea. I will do that, beginning today.Thanks for posting on the Lord’s Day.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Barry

    The Anti-Christ is right around the corner. Christians are called to do one thing and that’s proclaim Christ and His salvation. We are not called to enter into a political arena and fight for anything but only to praoclaim Jesus, at any cost even unto death. I prayed and wept many times seeking the Lord on His return and one night just prior to falling asleep I went into a spiritual state and the Lord allowed me to hear people being tormented by demons in hell. That’s why He has not yet returned, He is long suffering toward the lost. It’s not His will that any should perish but that ALL should come into the knowledge of the truth in Him. If those that don’t believe could hear what I heard that night they would run to the feet of Jesus and beg for His forgiveness knowing what awaits their eternal soul. On the other hand, if many Christians would hear what I heard they would be more loving toward the lost even in the midst of their persecution. This is why Jesus said “I go to prepare a place for you that where I am you may be also” so no one would have to go to that place of torment. We need to keep praying in His name, and proclaiming His name no matter what.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment ibelve

    All BELIEVERS must do what we must do in the face of ADVERSITY, “TALK TO THE HEAD OF OUR FAITH” ABOUT guidance and instructions on how to HELP non-belief.
    Non-believers has gotten a foot in the door, but believers know who created the FOOT…Don’t Give Up.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment g

    Well, from a ‘Christian Viewpoint’ it seems like God is being cast out. But that is only because it is from a Christian Viewpoint who believes that the Christian God is the one true God. The reality is, the Christians have had the ‘power’ so long to dictate to everyone else about what and how to believe and act, that they are upset that finally their power is being challenged and overturned. Christians have for so long had a monopoly on truth and now, since all they have dictated and enforced by all means possible has not really produced all the promised benefits, they are being challenged and they just don’t want to give up the power. God is not being cast out. The God of the Christians is being challenged because of so many errors and failures by the proclaimers. This is really a rejection of the proclaimers of that religion as they have consistently shown themselves false, and poor examples of the truths they proclaim.SO now, alternative beliefs in God have found root , because they show no more hypocrisy or maybe even less so than the Christians.

    At any rate, God isn’t really being cast out. Everyone still can pray, at nome, in private (in fact most Christians I know have no real prayer life at all save in Church (when they actually attend) or some namby-pamby food blessing). Most Christians don’t really pray,, so why are they making such a fuss??

    Bottom line: Christianity isn’t being attacked because it is potent, it is being attacked because it insist on rights that it doesn’t deserve because of hypocrisy and dismal failures that people are sick of.

    Put up or Shut up!

    When you live a potent Christian life, that really shows God’s love and power, this will cease to be an issue. But it is easier to pursue legal battles and political ends without changing your behavior. Hypocrisy that the world sees through. Stop divorcing, stop following after your lusts, stop making excuses like ‘We aren’t perfect, we are sinners,’ then turning around and condemning sinners.
    If you actually lived Christlike lives, this would actually not be an issue. People would be drawn to Christ, but too many Christian men love their porn and affairs, and cheating on their taxes, and drinking and drugs, and all the things that the world lusts after.

    Of course people are going to say ‘we don’t want it’ and don’t force it on us.

    Keep telling yourselves ‘ the world is rejecting Christ’ they are not. they are rejecting you and your hypocrisy!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Valerie Reid

    Godlessness and a poor economy are directly correlated. When will we learn “that Godlessness brings reproach to a nation”. When a nation is God fearing that causes prosperity in all areas and where there is revival there is even an increase upon the natural habitat of the land and peoples of the land. Looking at the USA’s economy (though if you are a child of God you are excluded from this) that is the problem – GODLESSNESS GODLESSNESS GODLESSNESS

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment deborah apgar-morris

    these stories sicken me,as i read over and over about those who shun christianity,and want GOD’s name,or JESUS taken out of texts,public events,or displays.If these non believers don’t like to see or hear anyone praying,let them move on,and ignore the rest of us,like we try to do them! As Americans,we reserve the the rights given to us by our forefathers,through bloodshed,and sacrifice to pray,and practice the religion of our choice.This country was founded on principles,and christian values. Those who came here to form a united country,came to avoid religious persecution,and build churches and schools to teach others…not avoid or persecute others for their beliefs.IF you DON’T like it here,get the hell out! I am catholic,i pray,i believe in GOD Almighty,The Holy Ghost,and Jesus Christ,and this is MY RIGHT,DO NOT TREAD ON ME!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment J. Griffin

    I would like to say that at the age of 36 I had a massive heart attack and they lost me twice on the table,I also have had cancer and praise GOD,iAM CANCER FREE.JESUS is ALIVE.People are allowed to believe what they want to.There will be a price to pay.If you have not accepted CHRIST as your personal Savior.I stand on the Promises of a TRUE LIVING GOD.

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