On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

Billboards use Obama’s face to stir abortion debate

The billboards are quite startling: The profile of Barack Obama gazes upon the words: “Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted.”

Bilboards began going up Tuesday around Chicago

Thirty signs began going up around Chicago on Tuesday. Why?

“Our future leaders are being aborted at an alarming rate,” Life Always, Inc.,  board member Derek McCoy explains. “These are babies who could grow to be the future Presidents of the United States or the next Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington or Maya Angelou.”


As might be expected, Planned Parenthood is furious.

Earlier this year, Life Always posted a large banner in a Manhattan neighborhood with the image of an African-American child and the words “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.”

Manhattan billboard sparked protests, was taken down


Civil rights activist Al Sharpton denounced the New York billboard, saying it “depicted black women in an unfair way.” Planned Parenthood called it “an offensive and condescending effort to stigmatize and shame African-American women, while attempting to discredit the work of Planned Parenthood.”

Life Always says the billboards alert the public that a “black genocide” is occurring through legalized abortion-on-demand.

Supportive black leaders were on hand Tuesday for the first billboard’s unveiling, including former 2nd Congressional district GOP candidate Rev. Isaac Hayes, the Rev. Ceasar LeFlore, the Rev. Derek A. McCoy and Pastor Stephen Broden, an anti-abortion activist who ran for office as a Republican in Texas last year.


Earlier billboard warned of "black holocaust"

The group has conducted similar campaigns in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout Texas. Protests over the Manhattan billboard featuring the little girl resulted in the billboard coming down after less than 24 hours, but brought millions of dollars worth of media coverage as well as nationwide attention to the campaign.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Lisa

    i believe the new bill board could easily be construed (and perhaps is even intended to construe) violence be directed towards the president himself. I believe anything that could be construed in such a way is inapproriate. While I am heartily pro-life, I believe organizations such as these would be far more effective in actually preventing abortions by advocating for more support of programs that enable parents to financially raise a child as well as programs to prevent unintended pregnancies.

  • http://AplanparentingmajorGOOF!

    ABORTION is wrong! And when you see the statistic of the alarming rate of AFRICAN AMERICANS being aborted daily ….you are ask yourself….what’s going on here? Now as far as trying to shock black women into the reality of what theyare doing when they go to plan parenthood? They goofed. I say this because we that know the.scriptures know that what ever the devil means for his purpose or heavenly Father can and will change for the good. With in the your child was your child but Miss Annabelle would tell you to straighten up and act right if you were cutting up in the nieghborhood.

    Bottom line its all about respect. Respect for ourselves…people ….and GODS MIGHTY WORD!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment John

    The blacks have chosen for over a hundred years to be mislead into believing they are incapable of getting ahead in this world. These lies are perpetrated by the Democratic party and Planned Parenthood. They use the same tactics used by the slave owners 150 years ago to keep their slaves ignorant. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the likes get off by being so called “leaders” of their own race but the only reason they are where they are is because they keep their own people suppressed by encouraging them to live on government subsidies. They call their own people “Oreos” who have found a way to make something of themselves. The “Oreos” have joined the white peoples idea of getting ahead and have turned their backs on their own kind, so say the true turncoates Jackson and Sharpton, etc. In other words, “down with capitalism say Sharpton and Jackson. They know that the more blacks that find out the truth, the less they have to admire them. It is time the blacks see the truth and these billboards halp them to see the truth. STOP reading into the billboards what is not there. THEY SAY WHAT THEY MEAN!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Eunice

    To John:
    What do you mean the blacks have chosen for over a hundred years to be misled (not mislead) into believing they are incapable of getting ahead in this world. “WAKE UP JOHN!” It makes me sidk for white people to always blame Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or whomever for trying to suppress black people. Somebody needs to step forward. I admire both Rev. Jackson and Sharpton for stepping up. If you know what we mean by an oreo you would shut up. An Oreo is someone who is black on the outside but is white on the inside. They are someone who have forgotten where they came from. They have this attitude of “I got what I have now you get what you have to get because I am not going to help you get it.” I got mine now you’ve got yours to get!

    It is people like you John that keeps stereotypes going. You are quick to complain about Rev. Jackson and Sharpton to keep the heat off of your racist hide. As long as you can direct the situation to what pleases you – you are fine! If you would get off your buff and start helping instead of complaining, maybe something could be accomplished. And by the way, there are probably more whites getting abortions than blacks anyway. The difference is they have their private doctors giving them abortions under the table whereas blacks are having abortions that are being documented. EVERYTHING YOU READ IS NOT TRUE – YOU BETTER INVESTIGATE!!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment StormeeATL

    Just out of curiosity, are you also against the death penalty? Were you (and are you still) against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? And what about all the children who die every year because they don’t have health care? Or are you another hypocrite right winger who hides behind the Bible (which considering the right wing’s platforms, I wonder how much of the Bible or what version they are reading – the Rush Limbaugh edition) where the “all life is sacred” mantra only applies to the unborn? Just curious, I hope you are also against the death penalty and wars, because the anti-abortion movement needs more people who are truly right-to-life (and also agree that we should help the poor, the needy, the sick, etc, you know, things that Jesus said we should do)

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment confused

    I’m sorry, but how does being successful mean that someone has “forgotten where they came from”? I don’t see where it matters if one starts life as a “poor black” American, a “poor white” American, a “poor hispanic” American, a “poor asian” American (or whatever other nationality/ethnicity you may identify with), working hard to change your situation, to be “successful”, does NOT mean you have forgotten where youu come from. I think to try to shame someone who has made effort and sacrifice to improve their outlook, by accusing them of being “Oreos” (HOW is that not a racist slur, btw – how can someone “act black”, or “act white”? WHERE is the equality in that? Not all white people act the same, nor have the same quality of character, or life experiences, nor do all black people have identical personalities/desires/life goals/strenght of character) If youu, be you black, or be you white, judge how someone should act just by the color of their skin, that is the heart of racism. Where do you classify people of mixed ethnicity? How about people who decend from neither European nor centeral/south African decent? What names will you call THEM if they are acting “black on the inside”, or “white on the inside”? Shouldn’t the goal, all around, be to quit name calling, and every individual try to do the best they can, with what they have? Shouldn’t we all be working to give eachother a hand up, not a hand out, and encouraging eachother to strive for the best? Abortion statistics are FACT. I don’t see how anyone, of any race can think that it is okay, prochoice, prolife, or otherwise – people need to know there is a problem, then start figuring out realistic ways to solve the problem, rather than bickering and political grandstanding…

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment TEH

    It does not matter where you came from…it is where you end up!

    LIVE IT!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment jo

    Exodus 21:22 If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.
    21:23 And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Stillblessedregardless

    First I’d like to say, white Americans are aborting just as often as black Americans please believe me – as usual its just not being reported like everything else. Contrary to what so many think, God forgives ALL sinners – whether its the one who will sound their belief on a board like this, or a woman who aborts becuase she did what she felt was the right choice for her – REGARDLESS of what ANYONE may think. Know how I know? Becuase I’ve had one, and God has STILL blessed me TREMENDOUSLY and I am vessel He tells “Well done” to EVERYDAY. So please, do us all a favor, dont put twist the Word of God to be the truth when its solely YOUR INTEPRETATION. Its not fair, and it makes Him look bad. His is a forgiving God and may I also add, Christ STILL died for us ALL knowing the mistakes we’d make in our lives. So what should that mean to you, the one who judges? Read the Word a little more and pray for discernment because too many have it mixed up yet they say the know the Lord.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment confused

    @ Stillblessedregardless – I had to reread the comments posted above – who judged a woman for getting an abortion? I saw someone condem abortion, but not the woman who made that choice… yes, the Bible teaches that Jesus will forgive all those that repent, and turn from sin, but if you felt that you needed forgiveness for what happened, you must believe it was a sin… I personally try to understand that everyone has to make a decision from the options at hand – I just think that more choices, and less intimidation/judgement need to be offered on all sides

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