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Coming soon to a theater near you? Okay, so maybe not quite yet. But the Indian media is buzzing with rumors day-dreams of the award-winning filmmaker —  most famous for his use of magic realism to create dark-but-amazingly-beautiful cult classics — […]

In honor of Valentine’s Day, a meditation on love: So, this is the idea people have, that surrender means to lose. Surrender is something that is very, very undesirable, by force. But in Sanskrit, the word sharanagati [surrender] is something […]

I had been trying to figure out something to post about to mark the New Year. Resolutions? Celebrations? A post-game wrap up of the wonder that was 2009? Nothing seemed to fit. Or, more truthfully, I didn’t fit. You see, […]

“Black Friday” — the day after Thanksgiving, which officially kicks-off the Christmas shopping season — doesn’t always bring out the best in humanbeings. Adults start to behave like unruly children, shoving and fighting one another over that last flat screen […]

At some point during the Mumbai terror attacks, somewhere between the first shot fired on  November 26, 2008 and the tragic end on November 29, 2008, the Mumbai police officially declared a state of emergency. In the heart of downtown […]

Today, November 26, 2009, marks the one year anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks– beginning on November 26, 2008 and lasting until November 29, 2008, terrorists sent by an Islamic extremist group in Pakistan coordinated more than ten shooting and […]

Many Hindus consider Lord Rama and his wife Sita Devi to be incarnations of the Divine in personal form, the God and Goddess that together constitute the Supreme. In my blog post yesterday — based  on a reflection that I […]

“Imagine there is a puddle. When it rains, the puddle is filled with water. When it doesn’t, the puddle dries up. Now compare that to the ocean. The ocean is so deep, it doesn’t matter if it rains above or […]