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I ran across a great piece by Prof. Anant Rambachan on Hinduism and homosexuality and thought it is worthwhile sharing. In particular, my favorite lines from his piece are as follows: There are important teachings in the Hindu tradition that […]

Ahh, the Choudhury’s are still at it.  First, Bikram wanted to patent “his” sequence of asanas.  And now, his wife, Rajashree, is out to make yoga a competitive sport.  Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that an organization […]

By now, we’ve all read about the benefits of teaching yoga to children.  And despite the ongoing separation-of-church-and-state debate,  some schools do offer yoga classes to their students. Another group finding the benefits of yoga are prison inmates.  I ran […]

Acknowledging the “outpouring of criticism” the Broad yoga piece received, the New York Times’ India blog published a nice blurb earlier today, taking stock of some of the reactions in India to yoga in the West.  The last quote by […]

I’d like to thank the The New York Times for continuing to fuel the relevancy of the Hindu American Foundation’s Take Back Yoga campaign.  The latest piece in the Times Magazine, “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” by William Broad, […]

The belief blog on CNN rang in the new year with 15 concise, faith-based predictions for 2012.  My prediction for Hindu Americans is #12 on the list:  Enjoy!

I never bought into the Lululemon fan club.  Granted, they do have some rather stylish workout and yoga attire.  But by the end of my seven mile run, hour training session, or 90 minute Ashtanga class, no amount of Lululemon […]

Just before Thanksgiving – and barely one year shy of its front page story on the Hindu American Foundation’s Take Back Yoga campaign – the New York Times ran a piece, “Yoga Addict’s New Mantra: ‘Mix it Up’” by Deborah Schoeneman, […]

“Are you Hindu Sunni or Hindu Shia?” Seven years ago, this was the shocking question that greeted the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) delegation during a visit to a Congressional office.  More perplexing than the question itself was the dilemma of […]

Manhattan is one lucky island.  Irene came and went this past weekend and largely left us unscathed.  The residents in my building, which is in lower Manhattan and rather close to Battery Park, were told to evacuate, and many of […]