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If you have any interest in minority human rights in Pakistan and have the patience to sit through 30 minutes of mayhem, this news segment on Hindus in Pakistan is worth a watch: As most of us who stay […]

In honor of World Refugee Day, the following blog has been written by Samir Kalra, Esq., one of my coworkers at the Hindu American Foundation (HAF).  Samir is our Senior Human Rights Fellow based in the Bay Area, CA.  He […]

Over the past few weeks, the news from Pakistan has been dominated by the case of Rinkel Kumari, a Hindu teenage girl who was kidnapped from home. Rinkel eventually turned up…but converted to Islam, supposedly of her own free will, […]

“Are you Hindu Sunni or Hindu Shia?” Seven years ago, this was the shocking question that greeted the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) delegation during a visit to a Congressional office.  More perplexing than the question itself was the dilemma of […]

The White House released President Obama’s birth certificate.  Kate wore McQueen.  Apple released a white iPhone.  And the cherry on top of this week’s circus…USCIRF put India on its “watch list” again.  Yesterday, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom […]