Om Sweet Om

Vineet Chander is a legal and communications consultant, writer, and teacher, specializing in the Hindu diaspora community. He is a Hindu Chaplain and the Coordinator for Hindu Life at Princeton University, and serves as the North American Director of Communications for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), a worldwide organization representing the Vaishnava Hindu tradition. In previous incarnations, Vineet has been a New York City prosecutor, a cable TV show host, and a hospital chaplain. In his free time, he enjoys relaxing with his wife and his new baby, attending classes at The Bhakti Center, and teaching himself photography. As a second-generation, Indian-American, Vaishnava-Hindu, Vineet ponders new ways of further hyphenating his identity.

President Obama’s pick of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to become the newest Supreme Court Justice raises a number of questions and presents the media with a number of story angles. One of the earliest of these, back when the Kagan […]

Is it the end of an era? After a 13-year battle with the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for the right to distribute Hindu religious literature, Hare Krishna (ISKCON) devotees may finally have to throw in the towel. A California […]

Is Sandra Bullock a success? Well, that depends on a lot of things– and mostly on when you were to ask the question. Seeing her on Oscar night, as she gracefully stepped up to the podium to claim her prize, we […]

I remember attending a sort of “Hindu pride” class as a pre-teen tween, and being taught the glories of all things Indian (or “Vedic” as our teacher would say).  “Vedic clothes” — dhoti for the males and sari for the […]

Padma Lakshmi’s pregnancy was anything but conventional. She posed nude for Page 6 Magazine. She still refuses to disclose the identity of the baby’s father. But when it came to naming the baby (a little girl born on February 20), […]

My post yesterday described attempted to hint at the magic that is Holi in Braj, Lord Krishna’s hometown. I realize, however, that there is no substitute for actually experiencing Holi in Braj. These photos by Delhi-based freelancer Siddharth Jain are […]

HAPPY HOLI! Holi ( ???? in Sanskrit; pronounced almost like the English word holy), sometimes called Hinduism’s “Festival of Colors,” is about as joyous as a religious holiday can be. Although other rituals mark the observance, the highlight is throwing […]

I’ve been wanting to blog about the Olympics because, well, let’s face it, everyone is absorbed in Olympics Consciousness right now. Wouldn’t it be cool to find a Hindu connection? It hasn’t been easy. I thought I did a pretty […]

Beliefnet’s latest gallery — Seeing Jesus (and Mary) in Food and Other Objects — features photos from religious sightings in nature or non-religious objects. The gallery, crafted by pop-culture experts Harry and Sandra Choron (who also wrote a book, Look! It’s […]

“Roses are red, violets are blue,don’t even think about celebrating Valentine’s Day if you’re a Hindu…” There are few things that get right-wing Hindu fundamentalists quite as rabid as the twang of cupid’s bow every year. In fact, on the […]