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Manhattan is one lucky island.  Irene came and went this past weekend and largely left us unscathed.  The residents in my building, which is in lower Manhattan and rather close to Battery Park, were told to evacuate, and many of […]

Today, Hindus around the world celebrate Krishna Janmashtami, the birth of Krishna, avatar of Lord Vishnu.  Like so many, I have a particular fondness for Lord Krishna, which largely stems from my love of the great Hindu epic Mahabharata.  Krishna […]

As a school child, I often found myself embarrassed by the exoticized description of my faith.  With those days long behind me and being far more confident, as an adult, I often find myself forced to face descriptions in magazines […]

As a child, I always dreaded the world’s religions portion of social studies.  In particular, it was the section on Hinduism that made me shudder, because it was always portrayed as weird, exotic, and discriminatory.  There I was, the only […]