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Om Sweet Om

Death and Dying in Eastern Traditions

This video, provides a succinct and thoughtful look into death and dying in the major eastern traditions, including Hinduism. It was originally shown at a Smithsonian Institute seminar on May22, 2010, given by Professor Graham Schweig, and titled “Comparative ReligiousBeliefs: Death and Dying”.

  • Kristina Ingham

    Thank you for that, it’s beautiful.

  • Your Name Beatrice Milton

    This video is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  • Bharati Jani

    This is a Beautiful video with THE GREAT message
    Thank You

  • Emes

    Many of us unfortunately have read horror stories about the funeral business. Regrettably there are companies selling cremation urns online which are not much more reputable. while they spend lavish amounts of money on web sites dripping with sympathy – many of these companies are nothing more than a site that drop ships product. Beware of sellers that do not have a physical address or the names of the principals of the company on the site – what are they hiding from? I had an issue with a company called Perfect Memorials ( ) and there was no one from the company that would talk to me. while I could call to order an urn – I could not speak to an owner or manager over the phone – they insisted that we only communicate via email. An evasive tactic if I ever saw one! Perfect Memorials is really a company that invested heavily in the web – but puts very little into the human contact part of the funeral/memorial industry. I would be careful of and others like them.

  • Kerry

    I think too much emphasis is put on death especially in the USA culture.
    I expressly forbid a funeral for my death. Rather a celebration of life that continues without me. Cremation is my way back to the earth and another life will take my place.

  • Bob

    Our soul and the physical part of us that is borrowed temporarily from the earth are separate.
    Death is always a physical experience. That which is not physical cannot experience it. Therefore our souls can never die.
    Since our souls exist and they are not physical, the physical evolution process could not have created them. Therefore some other entity or being created them and because like creates like, this being is as our souls and does not exist physically.
    Like can also communicate with like. Therefore when we die and everything that was physical about us is left behind to be reused again, our non-physical souls will meet with our non-physical creator.
    When we leave the realm of the physical we can only go to the realm of the non-physical. There we shall see the One who is in that realm who created our souls.
    We shall see God, and we must prepare for that.

  • http://flipperthedolphin Phillip Smith

    As a progressive Christian,myself, like the Buddhists,I guess we believe similar, in that, death is not the end, but rather a transformation into new beginnings. As the apostle Paul says in one of his letters, or one of the letters attributed to him, can’t remember which one, but he says that God/The Sacred, is “the one in whom we live, move, and have our Being”. When we die, we don’t die into thin air, as it were, but rather into God/The Sacred.
    Thanks so much for sharing. I,personally, found it really touching and moving. Thankyou so much.

  • Vijay Plaha

    “Death and dying in eastern Traditions” is a deep thought provoking video with quotations.
    Eons ago,a human’s life as a Hindu { being Hindu is a way of life and not being a follower of Hinduism } was divided into four Ashrams(stages). They were
    1. Baal awastha ( childhood)
    2. Yuva awastha ( Youth)
    3. Grihastha awastha ( Home/raising family with partner )
    4. Vaan Prastha ( give up worldly goods and proceed to the jungles/remote/religious locations)
    In vaan prastha one is preparing to leave this material world and prepare for the Ultimate certain death of mortal being thereby leading to the goal of unifying with the ONE who made us what we are between birth and death.
    Thank you.
    Enjoy your life on earth and do good and no harm.
    One will forget the good work done but never will forget the bad deed as it goes deep into the consciousness.
    Vijay Plaha

  • Molly

    Thanks for posting this video. It certainly presents a view of this life transition as something we don’t need to fear as we are infinite.
    I was recently introduced to an e-book called The Instant by Merih Turkdogan. It relates the fictional death experience of an Austrian accountant through exploring his last second on this Earth before his death. It’s truly a story about living, in that the theme is about living life to the fullest and doing more to connect with the True Self. Here’s the link – I highly recommend it.
    Thanks again for the video.

  • Kalyan

    This video presentation was really good.It made me think more and I hope would prepare me for death when the time comes.After all,like all Hindus, I believe that the soul never dies.

  • berry lee

    Life after death is highly unlikely but I can appreciate all this spirituality and wishful thinking!!

  • Shrikant Patil

    Appreciate the work done on ” Life After Death ” .. Thanx for this video…

  • Your Name

    havnt seen yet

  • Bijal

    Your death is reflection of your life. If you are peaceful and happy in the end…your life is well lived.

  • Melissa

    I found this very comforting as my father is in the last stages of liver cancer, and although I know in my soul he is going to a higher place of love, my physical body is so sadden and overwhelmed with grief because I love him so much and will miss him dearly…i do not want to let him go, but I know I must

  • Rachel

    Death, there is no death.
    Death is an illusion on the living.
    Death is a gift, like life you must appreciate it or the moment will be lost upon you.
    Death has no dominion for those who knows that it does not exist, but transitions to another level of consciousness.
    Consciousness is energy and energy can never be destroyed only transformed.Only when you understand Death can you truly appreciate your life.
    Death is a spiritual journey we must all take in order to rise above it so in order to live again and again.
    Death loves you and will always release you back to the “Source” in which you have come from.
    Death states,”Do not mourn me , but embrace me for I am the way to eternal life”,.
    Eastern traditions,Native Americans, Indigenous people, have it right. It is only western traditions that have taught you to be afraid of death.

  • Shermaine

    Death is a part of life. Without death there wouldn’t be life, without life there wouldn’t be death. This is the cycle of life. Some of us are afraid to accept it. For every death there is a new life given to replace what was lost. We should embrace death and rejoice when a love one has pass. And weep when a child is born, this world is very corrupt and remember all the pain and suffering we our selves has to endure. When we die our body goes to rest and we are preparing for the next step to eternal life.

  • Yatindra

    Wow Rachel! That is exactly my understanding of death too. Most of the paths in Hindu culture tell the same.

  • Kimoo

    Death is the only guaranteed event of your life after birth.There is nothing to be scared of.
    We all came from somewhere on this train journey of life without knowing where we are going and where we have to get off the train.
    If you love someone, never grieve his/her death.
    If someone you love is dying, all that you can and should do is to create an atmosphere of love and belonging around that person and the death will be that much more peaceful.

  • Shruti

    Hey the video was amazing.I absolutely agree to the statment that “Death is nothing but comming out of the old torn dress to take over a pretty new one, & there is nothing to be scared of”. Its indeed a beautifull one.

  • Blaze Smith

    That’s a very insightful video. A lot of us think of death as the end of everything. Even if we ourselves are ready to die, our loved ones might not take it so easily.

  • Lizbeth

    Agree with all of the the previous
    comments…I love this movie!…
    It is simply a truly beautiful ‘view’
    of our journey toward death…
    I have watched it several times…
    As a Health Care Professional, I have
    worked with life, death, and dying for
    most of my life, on this earth…
    Being present at both birth, and at death,
    was invariably a ‘special’ experience for
    me…Intuitively, I always felt, that those
    were ‘existential moments’, and that I was
    the one ‘privileged to be ‘there’…
    I know that this video is on YouTube…
    But, wondring if it is possible to get this
    on a CD?

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