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He probably doesn’t remember it, but David Dark played a minor role in my journalistic coming-of-age. One of the first assigned articles I ever wrote was for a (now defunct) online magazine called Communique Journal. It was back in 1997 […]

Do I owe my writing career to Cara Davis? She’d probably say “no,” but I’m not so sure. She was the first person I got to know at Relevant Magazine, the first editor to ask me if I had any […]

Matthew Paul Turner and I became acquainted pretty soon after he published The Christian Culture Survival Guide (complete with a foreword from Stephen Baldwin) and I came out with Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse. Both books were published by Relevant. […]

Like Oreos and Yo Gabba-Gabba, Sally Lloyd-Jones is beloved by children and their parents alike. If it’s possible for an evangelical children’s writer to be a cult figure, she’s it. Sally is the British-born author of a number of children’s […]

Here’s why I like Chad Gibbs: 1. The banner on every page of his website features a close-up of Tim Tebow’s eyeblack, on which someone, presumably Chad Gibbs, has written “Chad Gibbs.” 2. The background on his Twitter page is […]

I had the privilege of meeting Leeana Tankersley in April at the Festival of Faith & Writing at Calvin College. We share a publisher in Zondervan, and Leeana was there to sign copies of her debut memoir, Found Art: Discovering […]

Dr. Robert Cargill and I go back several years (I tell a bit of the story here in his Noah’s Ark debunking interview). I always appreciate his perspective, because he’s got pretty serious credentials as a scientist, a biblical scholar, […]

A few weeks ago, my friend Adam Ellis contributed to the Voices of Doubt series of guest posts here. He’s not the only thoughtful writer in his family, though. Today his wife, Dana, offers her perspective on doubt, uncertainty, and […]

I’m not sure that Rachel Held Evans needs a full introduction on this blog, other to say she’s the author of the excellent new book Evolving in Monkey Town and was interviewed here a couple of months ago (Part 1, […]

Winn Collier’s relationship with Relevant Magazine goes back as far as mine does. We both were early members of their freelance writing stable. But while I was writing silly stuff about twenty-something life and the apocalypse (occasionally in the same […]