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Yesterday, author/speaker/blogger Matthew Paul Turner stopped by for Part 1 of an interview during his blog tour to promote his new book Hokey Pokey. Here’s Part 2 of the interview. Enjoy… —I know you talked to a lot of other […]

Matthew Paul Turner is a fellow writer and long-time digital friend (one of those weird cyber-friendships where we’ve known each other for years but have never actually hung out in person) who has recently released a new book, Hokey Pokey, […]

Last week, a truck bearing four pallets and a couple thousand pounds of freight rolled into Amarillo. On that truck were all the not-yet-sold copies of Pocket Guide to the Bible still existing in the world today, give or take […]

Back in mid-February, I linked to a great new blog called “Stuff White People Like.” It wasn’t an especially ground-breaking discovery on my part, because apparently everyone linked to the site around that same time and the blog got huge, […]

Here’s the rest of my interview with Tara Leigh Cobble, indie musician, speaker, and author of Crowded Skies. If you missed it, here’s Part 1. JB: What did you learn in the process of publishing Crowded Skies? What will you […]

Back in January, I mentioned my online friend Tara Leigh Cobble, who is an excellent indie musician and writer and who also is blessed with synesthesia, but whom I’ve never met in real life. She once met Jason Morant and […]