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One of the questions I get asked pretty frequently — especially with the release of a new book — is this one: What are you writing next? That question comes from fans, family members, agents, editors, and interviewers. Up to […]

I’ve mentioned Kevin Hendricks before on this blog. He’s been a full-time freelance writer for as long as I’ve known him, which is several years now. He edits Church Marketing Sucks, founded Color4aCause, maintains his own blog, and has kept […]

For me, Bryan Allain is one of those Internet-only friends we all have whom we figure we’d get along pretty well with if we ever interacted in the real world. I’m not sure how the two of us first got […]

More writing-related questions. Let’s get right to them: What is your opinion on self-publishing? Just a few years ago, self-publishing was how writers got their books printed when the books weren’t good enough to get printed “for real” in the […]

I get questions quite often from aspiring writers and freelancers who want to know about what I do and how I do it and is there any chance in the world they can do it, too? So I usually email […]

Some people get nervous when their books release to the public and the reviews start pouring in. But the most nervous I get is when advance copies of my books go out to endorsers. Usually, I’ve hand-picked these first readers […]

This is awards season. And like most of us, I get really into awards season. I like it all — the competition, the drama, the unapologetic self-promotion, the lethal robot behavior… Oh, you thought I was talking about Hollywood? No. […]

I spent several hours on Tuesday and several today recording the unabridged audio book version of O Me of Little Faith. It wasn’t my first time in a recording studio, but was definitely my first time to record an audio […]

I like Rachel Held Evans for several reasons. First, she reads my blog, and has for awhile. Second, she’s funny. I like funny. Third, we share a publisher — she has a book coming out from Zondervan this summer. Fourth, […]

Steeple Hill is a line of Christian women’s novels published by Harlequin, the great-granddaddy (or grandmother?) of the romance novel industry. When you think of romance novels, you probably think of a buff, hairless, massively pectoral man clutching a lovestruck […]