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I haven’t posted anything yet about Saturday’s shooting in Arizona. Not because I don’t have anything to say about it, but because I’m not sure that my opinion matters. And as someone who struggles with certainty, I’m not in any […]

As recently as last Tuesday, out-of-nowhere Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell was saying that she was running for Senate because God told her to, and that her polling numbers would go up in response to people’s prayers. Yesterday, she lost […]

Yesterday, the LA Times published a thought-provoking commentary about disaffection with church among young people and the reasons behind it. Twenty years ago, only 7% of Americans claimed no religious affiliation, and that wasn’t a surprising number. We were a […]

I’m sure you heard about President Obama’s commencement address at Notre Dame over the weekend. It was not without some controversy among pro-life groups at the Catholic university. He addressed the abortion issue by calling for a reduction in abortions, […]

So yesterday was the big “First 100 Days” milestone in President Obama’s administration. I’ve always found this to be a curious way to mark the passage of time. One hundred is a good, round number — when you’re doing math […]

Two of the questions I’ve been asked multiple times are: 1) why don’t you have a podcast? and 2) what podcasts do you listen to? To answer #1: I’ve got enough going on already. Don’t have time to plan, record, […]

Last night, new U.S. President Barack Obama retook the oath of office after he and Chief Justice Roberts botched it at the inauguration. Their reason for doing so? According to a written statement from White House Counsel Greg Craig, it […]

I didn’t plan to, but I ended up live-tweeting the inauguration. Thought I’d post the feed here because I didn’t really plan anything else for today, blog-wise. Anything I have to say would be no different from most other people […]

I have long had a theory that, again, has proven to be accurate due to recent events. Please consider the following photos and see if you can guess the connection: Rod Blagojevich (left): Current Illinois governor who was just arrested […]

Click here for the hi-res version. [H/T: 22 Words] Kinda puts this week in perspective, huh? Moberg, an illustrator, Vimeo employee and famous blogger due to his illustrated online search for the girl of his dreams, is thinking about making […]