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Bart Ehrman is the kind of person who fascinates me. Evangelical Christians love conversion stories, but his story goes in the wrong direction. He was raised Episcopalian, then became “born again” in his teens. He headed to Moody Bible Institute […]

We’ve arrived on almost-final artwork for the covers of my new Pocket Guide books, which are scheduled to release around late July/early August this year. As someone who makes his living as both a writer and designer, I’m pretty picky […]

The Collide/Pocket Guide Giveaway is still going strong (get a free copy of Pocket Guide to the Bible with your subscription) and today I needed to ship out another box of signed books to the Collide team. So last night […]

A couple of days ago I linked to an article I wrote for Collide Magazine, an excellent and growing publication about the collision of religion and media. I think Collide is doing a lot of things right. It’s well-designed, it’s […]

When we were expecting our daughter eight years ago and we started looking at options for decorating her nursery, I was struck by something I noticed at the local Christian bookstore. It had a little section devoted to religious nursery […]

Back in 2006, Becky Garrison interviewed me for The Wittenburg Door, about my new (back then) book Pocket Guide to the Bible. I loved The Door, and was thrilled to be in it. I answered Becky’s questions with all the […]

On October 7, publisher HarperOne is taking a bold new step in Bible publishing: The Green Bible. It’s an environmentally friendly Bible, in terms of its packaging — 10% post-consumer recycled paper, soy-based ink, cotton binding — but that’s not […]

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you probably know that my last book, Pocket Guide to the Bible — published in 2006 by Relevant — is being repackaged and republished as part of Jossey-Bass’s new Pocket Guide reference […]

Last week I uploaded a video featuring clips of my appearance on a History Channel program about the Garden of Eden. If you watched it, you’ll probably be disappointed to learn that I’m on another “Decoding the Past” program, too. […]

One of the weird things about writing historical (albeit entertaining) books like the Pocket Guides is that it makes you an “expert” on the subject matter. Sort of. Which means I am an expert on the book of Revelation. And […]