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My apologies for the shameless self-promotion, but while supplies last, I’m having an apocalyptic blow-out sale right now at Just in case we all need it this weekend, I’m offering Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse for $5.21 in honor […]

One of the fun and interesting things about publishing books like Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse and Pocket Guide to the Bible is that, once you write a book on a certain subject, people think you’re an expert on that […]

Oh my. Here we go again. David Wilkerson, author of The Cross and the Switchblade and the pastor of Times Square Church in New York City, let loose a wild blog post on Saturday in which he claimed — while […]

So I just now got around to assembling the prize for winning last week’s Jason + Tank caption contest. Long-time reader (and Washington state math teacher) Travis Thompson won with his RISK-savvy, Kamchatka shouting-out submission. He wins the never-before-assembled Pocket […]

Hey, everyone. Thanks for minding the fort while I was gone. My wife, Aimee, and I enjoyed a week-long, no-kids Caribbean cruise with a few of our best friends. Had a great time. It looked a lot like this: And […]

I found this picture from my very first publicity photo session, back when Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse released in 2005. Your job is to write a caption for the photo. I’ll pick the best one, based on creativity and […]

We narrowly avoided the apocalypse this morning, but we’ll have plenty of additional opportunities to greet it in the months to come. Along the Swiss-French border, the world’s biggest particle collider — the Large Hadron Collider, a 17-mile ring of […]

My ancient Google alert for Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse (which released in 2005) has lain dormant for months and months, but it pinged this morning with a brand-new book review from none other than Trevin Wax. Trevin is a […]

Back in 2005, my book Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse listed six possible ways the world might come to end via natural disaster. At the top of the list? Killer asteroid impact, which may or may not involve Bruce Willis […]

The combination of Spring Break and Easter at the same time has made this a busy week. In lieu of a longer post, here are a few items of interest: + The Junky Car Club has declared a tongue-in-cheek feud […]