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Why a post of random stuff? Because it’s been a random (and craaaazy) week. ————• The Internet Monk’s “Annual Halloween Rant” is so worth reading for stuffy, scared-of-Satanism Christians. I totally agree. ————• If you want to see the most […]

I posted yesterday about illustrations that made me happy, and I returned Sunday from a fun, relaxing weekend with my extended family in the mountains guess, so I guess I’ve got happiness and quality of life on the mind. Which […]

Thanks, everyone, for sponsoring and encouraging me with this weekend’s Tri to Make a Difference triathlon. I quadrupled my fundraising goal and improved upon last year’s time by nearly 10 minutes. Success all around. First, thank you to my friends […]

I had another post in mind today, but decided it can wait until Monday. The photo above is of injured firefighters being treated after the Twin Towers collapse. It’s by Justin Lane, who was working as a photographer for the […]

In honor of Pocket Guide release week, it’s time for another fun caption contest. The winner gets a free copy of any of the new books — Bible, Sainthood, or Afterlife (your choice). Enter as often as you like, with […]

This is not a post about my Pocket Guides. This is just a blog post about my pockets. I am a creature of habit, in that I pretty much always carry the same thing in my pockets regardless of where […]

Ten years ago, I got my start in the advertising and design industries when I started working for a local printer, Amarillo’s biggest. They had a boutique little design/marketing studio for their customers, and I was hired to work in […]

You might think I rely too much on my friend Shuey to give me ideas for blog posts. You are probably right. But he doesn’t have a blog of his own — he should! — so he psuedo-blogs by living […]

Some of you are more disturbed than I am. Lots of good entries in yesterday’s not-very-inspiring “inspirational kitten” caption contest. Lots of entries that made me throw up in my mouth a little. Of the good entries, I couldn’t pick […]

I was making fun of inspirational Twitter posts earlier today and @shueytexas reminded me of the clichéd “Hang in There” virtues of the kitten-in-a-tree poster. Which I may or may not have hung in my room as an 11 year-old. […]