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I was genuinely surprised yesterday to hear, courtesy of my friend Bryan, that my dorky little side business,, had been mentioned by the ridiculously awesome pop-culture blogger Whitney Matheson at USA Today (“Real Shirts, Fake Bands“). Thanks, Whitney, for […]

I seem to be having trouble remembering it, but according to this “Success Stories” article at Moultrie Feeders, yours truly recently bagged a huge buck near Rattan, Oklahoma, last gun season! You may doubt, but the facts are there. Apparently, […]

We’re all guilty of the crime of self-Googling. You’ve done it. I’ve done it. We’ve all done it. Maybe we flat-out Google ourselves manually (which sounds dirty but usually isn’t), or we get all advanced about it and set up […]

I was about to start off this post by saying, “Not to toot my own horn, but…” and then I stopped. Because I realized I was, in fact, about to toot my own horn. Because any time someone starts a […]

Some of you are new here, but if you’ve were reading this blog back in January, you probably remember that I won a contest put together by the good, creative folks at ChangeEffect in Chicago. (Thanks again to those of […]

If you voted, you probably received an email to this effect. If you didn’t vote, you probably don’t care anyway. But the results of the ChangeEffect contest are in and my story about Paw-Paw was the big winner. Chicago, here […]