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What’s the story with endorsements? That’s a question I’ve been asked on numerous occasions. Those little blurbs on the front and back of books…where do they come from? What’s the purpose? How do you get them? Let’s discuss. As you […]

Other people are into NASCAR, or “American Idol,” or improving their golf game. But me? I’m fascinated with something that makes me a really big nerd: writers’ schedules. For years and years I’ve read interviews with various writers and paid […]

Returning to the mailbag question from Wednesday: My quick answer to the question of where to find freelance writing jobs is everywhere. And I mean that. Our is a world of information and content. Despite the proliferation of videos and […]

Another dip into the Writer’s Mailbag. Blogger Sean Brereton asked me some good questions the other day about freelance writing: How do you first get into freelance writing? Where can you find jobs? Does it take a lot of crappy […]

First of all, happy Leap Day! Did you know that there’s just a .068 percent chance of being born on Leap Day, compared to a .27 percent chance of being born any other day of the year? Around 200,000 leaplings […]

This is the question most often asked of published writers by potential writers: I’ve got a great idea for a book. How do I go about getting it published? (HT: Robert Fortner‘s comment on this post) I wish I had […]