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Today’s a day when we all like to quote “I Have a Dream,” and really, you can’t go wrong with that. But some of my favorite Martin Luther King, Jr., quotes come from Strength to Love, a collection of sermons, […]

This is the part where I turn off the lights. I’m taking a break from the blog and most forms of social media — including twitter — starting today through New Year’s. Why? Because I want to. And because I […]

Right before Thanksgiving, my friends at Amarillo Magazine asked me to write an inspiring holiday piece for their December print edition. So I wrote a sort of maudlin piece about death. Merry Christmas! (It had been one of those months.) […]

My sister, at her wonderful blog Mama:Monk, continues a tradition she began while a bright-eyed college student. She calls it “Thankful Tuesday,” and she views it as a chance to practice “organized thankfulness.” So every Tuesday, on her blog, she […]

Today is Veteran’s Day. The veterans in my family include my wife’s grandparents (Eddie & Sunny Storseth), both of whom served in the Navy during World War II; my maternal grandfather, John E. Brown, who served in the military police […]

Some Christians are excited that, this year, Independence Day is on a Sunday. They will have flags prominently displayed in their sanctuary. They will sing “God Bless America.” Their choirs and orchestras may do a special patriotic presentation. Their pastor […]

The dedication page for my new book, O Me of Little Faith, reads: To my grandparents,John and Mary Boyett and John and Cleta Brown,who despite incredible hardships have maintained a strong,inspiring faith and passed it along to the rest of […]