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I received some very bad news yesterday, courtesy of a YouTube clip blogged about by Bryan Allain. It’s a song that aired on “The Mornin’ Show,” a local program on WTVA, an NBC affiliate in Tupelo, Mississippi. Tupelo, as you […]

There was a story on Yahoo! News a few days ago with this wonderful headline: Cops: Driver adjusts mirrors and roughs up McGruff I may be in my thirties, but that’s young enough to have grown up with that lovable, […]

Remember when I did a brain-dump of interesting facts and I went on and on about it being educational and entertaining and a fun series that I would do occasionally? Of course you don’t remember. I couldn’t even remember. I […]

Did you hear the story earlier this week about the pet chimp who went crazy and attacked, in violent fashion, a friend of its owner? It was kind of a sad story — the chimpanzee died, and the lady it […]

A person could take this pants thing too far. Really, really far, and then it would get annoying. So this is the last time, I promise. What if you took a single word in, for instance, one of those really […]

I’m on a Jonathan Edwards kick, and I won’t apologize. Last week, we compared some of his sermon phrases to death metal lyrics. This week, we’re replacing certain words from “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” (1741) with […]

Last week, pointed to a brilliant list of lines from Star Wars that could be made vastly more interesting by replacing a single word with “pants.” That list gave me great joy, so I’ll share a few of my […]

As I’ve said before, one benefit of being a writer is you get to interview some interesting people from time to time. A couple months ago I interviewed Dan Merchant, the writer/director/producer/star of Lord, Save Us from Your Followers, a […]

Back in September, I mentioned spending a week doing interviews with various funny people for a Collide Magazine article. Wait a second. “Funny people” is a weird way to describe a person. It makes me think of clowns and floppy […]

As an early Christmas gift for you, I am providing you a gift most of you will be able to use many times over the next year. As a Facebook user, I know how difficult it is to come up […]