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Say what you will about the current age of advertising, what with all the celebrity sell-outs and general ickiness and our inability to get particular jingles out of our heads. But at least our ads aren’t filled with utterly disturbing […]

Some days I enter into my local Christian bookstore/knick-knackery, and–looking over the vast shelves of Purpose-Driven products, Beth Moore Bible studies, Veggie Tales merchandise, Precious Moments figurines, dumb Christian parody t-shirts, inspirational artwork and home decor, and books about the […]

My brother Brooks is a full-time inner-city minister, but he also has a side gig: magic. As in illusions and prestidigitation and card tricks and all that fun stuff. The kids he works with really get into it, but he’s […]

It’s probably no surprise to you that I show ads on my blog. This is because I am a greedy, greedy money-changer who couldn’t live without the $4.35 I make each month from Google AdSense. It’s also because I’m part […]

It’s time, dear readers, for another Christian video along the lines of “The Breakfast Song” or “Jesus Is My Friend.” This one is called “Jesus Christ Is Coming.” It’s by a guy named Jim Blackmon. I have no idea who […]

Time for something fun: a story contest. The people below are not anyone I know. They are standing in front of a fairly popular roadside stop in the Midwest. Your job is to come up with a creative and frightening […]

Imagine my glee when, finally, I got a hit on my Google alert for ninja + sword + “dry cleaner” + robbery. After all this time! Here’s the story, from the Patriot Ledger in Quincy, Massachusetts: ———— WEYMOUTH — A […]

If you’re like me, you probably never think about how important music is to setting the tone of the images you’re seeing on TV or in a movie. But the background music makes all the difference. Want proof? Check out […]

While taking a shower on Saturday, I had this thought: What if you combined the gentle humor of Family Circus with the hellfire Puritan preaching of the great 18th century American theologian Jonathan Edwards? The answer, of course, is that […]

The Telegraph reported a fascinating story yesterday about a computer programmer in London who lost a finger in a motorcycle accident. No big news there. I know all kinds of computer programmers who’ve lost fingers in motorcycle accidents. Don’t we […]